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And Were Off.

The project talked about for decades and planned for just about as long, finally kicked off this week. Estero Boulevard is finally showing signs of progress! While delayed for a day by heavy rains this past weekend, work crews were out Tuesday, restriping pavement, setting lane dividers and shifting lanes to prepare for the first part of the project. By next week, theyll have the southbound lane of Estero removed in the first work area and the ground will be ready for the water line work crews.

What most people think of as the Estero Blvd project is really several projects in one. Water, gas, power poles, sewer, stormwater and finally streets and sidewalks. Learning about the plans will help Islanders understand the project and the challenges that are coming with it. This will be a huge project and will affect every Islander, which is why youll see a lot of information in the Sand Paper about it.

The first part of the project is actually the Towns water line project, not the Countys road project. Oh, I know it doesn't much matter to drivers trying to make their way past the construction, but it surely does to those of us who are working or living in the construction zone. Next week, crews will begin installing water and gas lines, roughly under the southbound lane, the one currently roped off. From 7am-7pm, theyll be closing the center lane while they work, leaving just one lane for both directions of traffic. Flaggers will allow traffic to alternate but you know there will be delays, so plan extra time to get anywhere if youll be driving in the downtown area.

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Issue-755's Top Story 12 hours ago

Estero BlvdEstero Boulevard Waterline
Replacement Begins Monday

Construction will break ground on Estero Boulevard Monday morning for the Town’s Waterline Replacement Project, after crews complete preparations this week. Last weekend’s rain deluge caused delays in construction projects all over Lee County, Estero Boulevard being no exception – plans to mill the asphalt on Estero were pushed back from Wednesday to Thursday to allow for the weather. Meanwhile, the Greater Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce has been busy stockpiling water and ice, which they will have available beginning on Monday for businesses and residents who find themselves faced with a boil water notice.
Future of Our Coastline 12 hours ago
Sea LevelThe Future of Our Coastline "
Belief in climate change is optional,
but participation is mandatory.”

Sea Level rise. Despite one’s personal beliefs about whether climate change is caused by humans or simply part of the Earth’s natural cycle, the water is rising, and many scientists are predicting that it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. Nowhere is this more important than for those of us who live on a barrier island, and some coastal communities are already incorporating strategies on how to deal with it in their town’s comprehensive plans.

In May, the Florida Coastal and Ocean Coalition and the Lee County Chapter of the League of Women Voters hosted a ‘Sea Level Rise Summit’ at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) where noted speakers from throughout the state gave presentations on topics related to sea level rise.

Sad Passage 12 hours ago

Shirley with husband Bill & ChildrenSad Passage
Shirley Winslow Semmer
December 21, 1955 – July 22, 2015

Shirley Semmer, beloved wife, mother, sister-in-law, aunt, friend, and tireless volunteer passed away peacefully last week due to cancer with her family by her side; husband Bill Semmer, daughter Katie Semmer, and son Billy Semmer.

"What we have done for our selves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains, and is, immortal” –Albert Pike

Remembered by her family and friends as a warm, generous and caring woman, Shirley’s heart and soul were dedicated first and foremost to her family. Her husband Bill was her partner in life for more than half hers and with whom she celebrated her 28th wedding anniversary in January of this year.

Natural Gas 5 weeks ago, 07/01/2015 at 5:37pm

Operations manager Hugh MacfarlaneNatural Gas – It’s Now or Never

TECO representatives met with local businesses and residents Friday morning to explain their plans to add a natural gas line along Estero Blvd during the road’s first stage of reconstruction.

Hugh Macfarlane, TECO Regional Operations Manager, explained where the new line is expected to run.

"The line will extend from an existing line on 3rdStreet to Crescent, then down Crescent to Estero Blvd. Once at Estero Blvd, we’ll take the line south first, then come back and go north to the park and the area of new development. The gas line will be placed between two water lines the Town is placing, a 16” and a 10” line. The 4” gas line will run between them. Due to the narrow right of way in this first section, the line will run under the street, so it’s very important that we know who is interested in a gas connection before construction begins. We need to get permits from the county.

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