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Fall Fever

We need a new term for that lightening of spirit, hopefulness and generally positive vibe that seems to arrive with the first signs of fall. Further north, where cold, ice and snow smother the ground for months at a time, they feel something similar in April and May and call it spring fever.

Here, as we enter the tenth month, we have the ever so slightly less humid air, decreasing frequency of afternoon storms and dropping temperatures that signal fall. Of course only those who live here full time may recognize these signs. Some days its still hotter than blazes and the humidity is high, but there is the slightest hint of relief in the air. And that is all it takes for Fall Fever to flourish.

While its hot most places in the summer and there are many locations where the high temperature is above ours in the heart of summer, there arent very many that have the 1-2 combo of heat in the 90s with high humidity for months and months that we see each summer. So, when that heat/humidity combo starts to ease just a touch lower, its noticeable and brings a collective sigh of relief.

Fall in Fort Myers Beach means much more than a relief from summer weather though. October begins our shoulder season; visitor numbers are up. Car carriers will be appearing next, bringing long-term visitors to our shores and businesses are planning for a busy season.

Who's Playing On The Beach

Issue-764's Top Story 5 days ago, 10/01/2015 at 5:24pm

Thar Be Pirates10th Annual Pirate Festival
Returns Next Weekend

The pirates are coming, the pirates are coming!

Next Friday, October 9th, pirates will invade Fort Myers Beach once again for the 10thAnniversary of what now has become the 2nd Best Pirate Festival in the nation, according to USA Travel.

Pirate Fest has a long and storied history on our emerald shores, from its humble beginning ten years ago to today - when it has become one of the premiere events on the beach - drawing families and entertainers from far and wide. But who are those entertainers and why do they choose a life of festivals and revelry over much calmer pursuits? For some of them, like the happy duo of For Love or Money, the events occupy most of their weekends while their weekdays are spend at ‘normal’jobs. For others, such as the members of the Craic Show, festival-going is a full-time gig and family affair.
Tropical Living 5 days ago, 10/01/2015 at 5:53pm
Black MoldMold, Moisture and Tropical Living

For folks living in Florida, few words invoke as much fear as ‘black mold’(‘Nuclear Attack’or‘Category 5’being two exceptions). But the reality is black mold is not as common as many people think, and just because mold is present in the home does not guarantee those living there will get sick. However, some people do feel effects from mold –effects that can range from mildly irritating to much worse if mycotoxin-producing black mold is actually present. And since the symptoms are similar to those caused by a cold, many people attribute their symptoms to the flu when it is actually being caused by mold. So what to do if you discover something warm and fuzzy growing under the sink? For the answer to that question, we went to the experts.

Waterline Construction 5 days ago, 10/01/2015 at 5:43pm

Waterline ConstructionEstero Boulevard Waterline
Construction Update

On Thursday morning, we met with Kaye Molnar of Cella Molnar & Associates – the public relations firm hired by both the Town and the County to answer questions regarding the Town’s waterline replacement project and the installation of a natural gas line (ongoing now) and the County’s reconstruction of Estero Boulevard (set to begin sometime next month).

Kaye reported that the crew working on the large water main connection in the Time Square area has hooked up the water main from the bridge to Avenue C, though the detours will remain in effect until all testing is complete.

Road Work 2 weeks ago, 09/25/2015 at 8:20pm

Road WorkEstero Road Work Look Ahead
Week of September 28, 2015

Estero Boulevard waterline construction

Crews are installing water main on Estero Boulevard from Times Square to Red Coconut RV Park and TECO gas crews are installing a gas line. Due to the high volume of weekend travel on and off the island, crews are expected to work four long days on Mondays through Thursdays and one shortened day on Friday.This schedule may change due to underground conditions and inclement weather.

o Crew 1 - from Crescent Street to Carolina Avenue

· Crew 1 will work between Primo Drive and Avenue C crossing Estero Boulevard at Palermo Circle and the alley south of Yo Taco.The work requires crews to cut a trench across Estero Blvd to make water main connections. Motorists should expect traffic pattern changes and delays as crews cross the roadway in each location.

· Crew 1 will then install water main between Avenue C and Alva Drive

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