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We talk a lot about pedestrian safety on Estero Island. We talk about driver safety and awareness of pedestrians and bicyclists on Estero Boulevard. We urge people to watch and be aware of everyone else on the road. We warn drivers that it’s hard to see everything and everyone on the road. We improve our lighting. We add crosswalks and we add lights.

We also talk about safety in and around our waterways. Safe boating classes are offered year round. We talk about how the Kiwanis pays half the cost of swim lessons at Beach Pool so every Beach kid knows how to swim. We talk about doing the stingray shuffle during the summer months to avoid stings.

Safety is a very important subject here in Fort Myers Beach.

Something we don’t talk enough about is bicycle safety. This week a much-respected member of the local media tragically died in a slow speed bicycle crash. Jim Reif, Director of Meteorology with NBC-2 and formerly with ABC-7 died of a head injury after falling from his bike on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway on Sunday. According to the sheriff’s report, a group of cyclists in the area rushed to his aid and he was quickly rushed to the hospital, but he died of his injuries Monday night. The sheriff’s report states that he was not wearing a helmet.

Just like almost every bicycle rider you see on Estero Boulevard. Very few riders wear helmets. The only ones you regularly see in helmets are the riders in spandex, usually riding pretty fast down Estero. The people riding down the sidewalk or the ones heading to the beach or work or the ones coming home from the grocery store – they don’t wear helmets.


Will their hair get messed up? Does it make them look geeky? Are the only riders who need brain protection those riding at 25-30 mph? Is there a connection between spandex and intelligence?
Snook Bight Marina

Issue-687's Top Story 1 week ago, 04/10/2014 at 6:01pm

Don StilwellTown Hall Turnover

Those who watch Town Hall closely have noted some missing faces in the last few months. Since September 2013, 7 employees have left Town Hall for various reasons. That number does not include Parks and Recreation or Maintenance workers as they can see a seasonal turnover. The fact that several of them held key positions is what led us to look into the recent turnover at Town Hall and ask council members and Interim Town Manager Don Stilwell how quickly things are going to get done now and if/when the open positions will be filled.
Chefs on the Beach 1 week ago, 04/10/2014 at 6:31pm
Greg NelsonChefs of the Beach:
Doc Ford’s Greg Nelson

Our little melting pot - Fort Myers Beach - is a bubble with tourists from all over the world. Those of us who live here grow quite adept at knowing which restaurant to recommend to our guests, based on what kind of meal they want, what kind of experience they are hoping to have. Luckily for them and for us, among the many great spots in our area, we have Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille, just over the bridge on San Carlos Island on the banks of Estero Bay. The atmosphere is pure Southwest Florida Gulf Coast, the restaurant’s namesake being the popular fictional character Doc Ford made famous in the Randy Wayne White bestsellers.

Beach & Bay Access 1 week ago, 04/10/2014 at 6:26pm

Topps AccessBeach and Bay Access
Improvements Approved

The Town Council of Fort Myers Beach agreed to move forward with upgrades to two Town beach accesses and two bay accesses on Monday. They also held a workshop in the afternoon where they asked that items such as the parking at 216 Connecticut and the location of the Town's dumpsters be brought back to the council agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Council read proclamations declaring April 24th as Arbor Day, and the month of April as both Water Resources and Water Conservation month.

MRTF2 days ago, 04/15/2014 at 4:23pm

Adopt A BeachMRTF Plans Adopt-A-Beach,
Rain Garden Programs

The Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF, an advisory committee to Town Council) have a number of exciting projects in the works these days, and - despite barely having a quorum last week - members had a very productive meeting where plans were laid for an Adopt-A-Beach program, an expansion of the BeachScape project and the beginning of a program where members will learn how to teach residents to create rain gardens in their yards, among other things.

The meeting began with Town staff liaison Keith Laakkonen - Environmental Science Coordinator for the Town of Fort Myers Beach - reporting that he still has a number of MRTF's educational brochures.

Little Estero Island2 weeks ago, 04/09/2014 at 3:00pm

Little EsteroLittle Estero Island Critical Wildlife
Area Gets Ready for Guests

As our snowbird visitors start packing and heading north, millions of other birds are heading toward Florida scouting for a place to nest or rest. On the south end of Estero Island is a special "resort” for them. Little Estero Island Critical Wildlife Area is one of 15 functioning Critical Wildlife Areas in the state. From April 1stto August 31st the area is staked off and protected for migratory bird nesting and roosting. This posting is necessary because accidentally approaching a nest or bird could lead to an adult bird leaving a nest and in only a few minutes the temperature of the nest could rise to a level that would be fatal to a young chick.


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