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The Sand Paper family is committed to sharing the good news about our community. Every couple months, we use this space to focus on all the good things happening right here and the many great people who make our Island a better place to live, work and play. Kudos to…

The stalwart volunteers who work with God’s Table and CCMI at Chapel by the Sea to provide sustenance and services for those in need on our island, week in and week out.

Boy Scout Javier Ramirez on attaining Eagle Scout rank and to the Beach Kiwanis for their support of Javier in his efforts.

Royal Scoop Ice Cream for hosting a Give a Pint-Get a Pint blood drive and a benefit for Find A Home Give A Home.

The free lunch program for all kids under age 18 at Beach Elementary. The program ends today and has been feeding Island kids all summer long.

The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce for hosting a Business Expo bringing local businesses together to showcase their products and services.

Fish Tale Marina for hosting a National Marina Day celebration encouraging Islanders to enjoy boating and get out on the water! Also for keeping attention on the shoaling and navigation problems in Big Carlos Pass and coordinating community meetings to share information.

Lani Kai Resort for hosting their 9th Annual Blood and Marrow Drive. Every blood donor and marrow volunteer offers hope and life.

All the candidates who have qualified to run for local office and are willing to devote their time and energy to representing Island residents.

Participants in a Strategic Planning Session held in June for Town Council and advisory board members along with Town staff and interested residents. The all-day session focused on the town’s strengths and weaknesses and the development of vision and mission statements plus goals. It’s always a good idea to step back and look at the big picture every once in a while.

The Public Safety Committee for their continued focus on ways to keep residents and visitors safe on our island. A new flashing crosswalk beacon has been installed at Bay Beach Lane and their lightning detector suggestion will be getting some attention following the lightning death on our beach recently.

Issue-703's Top Story 5 hours ago

Something Special BoutiqueWhen Charley Came to Call

Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Charley: August 13, 2004

Part I

"Hurricane Charley will never be forgotten by those who live here, but if we never experience the storm we certainly would lose our appreciation for the calm.”

– Publisher’s Note, Special Hurricane Charley issue of the Island Sand Paper, August 18, 2004

It wasn’t supposed to happen to our island. Not this time, and surely not on Friday the 13th! Ever since Hurricane Donna tore a path of destruction through Fort Myers Beach (as the Town is officially named) in September 1960, Estero Island had been spared a direct hit.
Derelict Boat 5 hours ago
Derelict BoatDerelict Boat Removed
From Hurricane Pass

On Wednesday morning, the Sand Paper accompanied Lee County Natural Resources Project Manager Justin McBride and Captain Tom Dube as they oversaw the removal of a derelict vessel in Hurricane Pass. The vessel, a 35-foot wooden boat called the 'Partner Ship', was one of 16 such derelict and/or abandoned vessels that the county is removing this month from local waters.

Island Neighbor 5 hours ago

Brenda BreiningerIsland Neighbor: Brenda Breininger
Musician, DJ and Author

There are some amazingly talented musicians who live and work here on Fort Myers Beach.Most of them, in addition to their gigs, have talents, obligations and life-changing events that lead them into various other jobs and often creative undertakings. Some keep playing music; some move on to make new marks on the world, like Brenda "Brenda B Rocks” Breininger, who recently published her first novel ‘The Breeding Ground’ (Xlibris Publications)..

Born in Lansing, Michigan, and a genuine snowbird by the age of five, Brenda is an acclaimed guitarist, who rocked this town for many years. She once beat out 50 other women auditioning for a guitar slot in Marty Robbins’ band. "I got a call to come to Nashville to audition for Marty.”

Sailing School3 days ago, 07/28/2014 at 7:22pm

Offshore Sailing SchoolCypress Lake Students Learn to Sail

For the second year in a row, 15 Cypress Lake Middle School students experienced an adventure of a lifetime courtesy of Steve and Doris Colgate’s Offshore Sailing School, based in Fort Myers.

"We are so pleased to once again provide middle school students the opportunity to get out on the water and learn to sail, at no cost to the school or their parents,” says Doris Colgate, CEO and President of Offshore Sailing School. "I learned to sail when I was 27,” Colgate explained, "and know what a thrill it is to learn how to take command of a sailboat, using just the wind to move it from one point to another.”

Amazon Fire Phone5 days ago, 07/26/2014 at 3:16pm

iSandPaper on Fire PhoneAmazon Offers New Smartphone Options
with iSandPaper Mobile Web App Compatibility!

Amazon recently announced the July 25 introduction of their new Fire Smartphone, the first phone designed by Amazon, and the only smart phone with Firefly technology.

According to, users can launch the new Firefly technology feature by holding down the Firefly button, then just point your camera at items you want to recognize, or tap the music or video icons on the screen to identify music you are listening to or a movie or TV show you are watching.


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Dogs having fun at the dog beach in Fort Myers Beach.
This is a great dog beach, with lots of sand for dogs to run on. The water is shallow, gradually deepening and opening up to the Gulf of Mexico. Video courtesy of Debbie Bates.
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