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Election Day is November 4th. Though many have already voted early or by mail, there are plenty of us traditionalists and who show up at the polls on that first Tuesday in November to mark our ballots and get our "I Voted” sticker.

This year, without a presidential election, there is bound to be a lower turnout. And that is a sad reflection on how our society views elections, as if only the guy at the top matters, when it’s actually the elected officials at the state, county and local level that have the biggest influence on our taxes and our government services.

Our Florida gubernatorial race is flinging enough mud to turn off any voter. Yet, surprisingly, that is often the very effect some of those slinging the mud want. It’s no longer a dirty little secret, it’s right out there in the open. Some politicians and their advisors want there to be fewer voters voting. Their polls have shown them that they benefit if voters of a certain stripe, location or party, do not go to the polls. How un-American is that?

Don’t let the negative ads keep you from the polls. Surprise the people who want you to stay home, who want to silence you. Vote!

In the meanwhile, I am appreciating the near-miraculous benefits of my DVR that allows me to fast-forward through every single one of those mud-slinging TV ads. Thirty some years in the state with the first in the nation primary taught me a few things. Caller ID and a DVR are the finest inventions of the modern age, allowing me to ignore the awful mud-slinging TV ads and the robocalls. Who has ever had their opinion swayed by some recorded voice that disturbs your precious few hours at home to tell you how great their candidate is or how evil their opponent is? No one, I suspect.

Here on the beach, we will see a ballot for two Beach Fire Board seats, with two candidates vying for each one. As the campaign has heated up, it occurs to us that it’s time for us to explain our Campaign Policy.  

The Island Sand Paper's 2014 $1,000.00 Summer Advertiser Raffle! And the winner is....

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Getting Ready For SeasonGetting Ready For Season

With season nearly upon us, the Sand Paper wanted to take the time to recognize a few of those local businesses who have been making renovations and changes to ensure our returning snowbirds and tourists feel welcomed and have nice places to enjoy. The Smokin’ Oyster Brewery, Skye's Mexican, the Fish Monger and Matanzas Inn Resort are all either in the process of or have completed upgrades this summer, so this week we decided to go check them out.

Smokin’ Oyster Brewery

After expanding their deck area last season, popular Key West-style eatery SOB's now has a roof over that deck and brighter paint, which gives it the illusion of a much bigger restaurant though in reality the square footage has remained the same.
Junkanoo 1 week ago, 10/16/2014 at 4:59pm
Sunset at Junkanoo'sJunkanoo’s Property Sold

Another long-standing beach landmark changed hands this week as Junkanoo’s property was purchased by local developers Terry Persaud of Persuad Properties and Joe Orlandini on Wednesday. Restaurant owners will lease the property back from the new owners and both restaurants will continue to be operated by current management.

"The first thing I want people to know,” Orlandini said, "is that Junkanoo’s will remain open through the winter season this year and Fresh Catch will remain open for years there.”

God's Table 1 week ago, 10/16/2014 at 4:54pm

Arlene FisherA Place at God’s Table

There are those among us on our little island paradise who, for one reason or another, find themselves in need of help with things that most of us take for granted. For some, a meal, a shower and a fresh change of clothes could make the difference between getting a job or not. For others, help with applications for financial or medical assistance could literally make the difference between life and death. Too, there are those who are just a few paychecks away from homelessness, and all they need is a little help to carry them through. For many in our community, the moral obligation to help the less fortunate burns brightly and for years they have come together to shine a bright beacon of hope at God’s Table.

Flippers Fire6 days ago, 10/17/2014 at 5:16pm

Flippers On The BayFlippers Bounces Back
from Small Fire

Flippers on the Bay, the popular restaurant at Lovers Key Resort just south of the Big Carlos Pass bridge, was the focus of a lot of attention Friday morning (October 17, 2014) when a small fire led to the evacuation of diners in the restaurant. Flippers sits in a separate building from the Lovers Key Resort, separated by the resort pool.

Representatives of the resort told the Sand Paper that there was a small pinhole leak in the gas line that Chef Juan noticed and then called the Fire Department, leading to a rapid response from area fire departments.


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