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Pier Upgrades to Begin in May Delete 03/31/2011 at 3:19pm
Fort Myers Beach Pier
Pier Upgrades to Begin in May
Photo by James Royce

Last week, the Board of Lee County Commissioners approved staff's recommendation to hire Fowler Construction to give the Fort Myers Beach fishing pier a $1.2 million makeover.

"This is a continuation of a project that began last year with work being done on the pilings,” said Lee County Utilities' Patricia DiPiero. "They are going to change all the hardware to stainless steel, replace the handrails, fill in cracks on the decking, put in PVC pipes and replace the areas that folks use to cut bait on.”

Council Wants 90 Days to Review Seafarer’s Delete 03/28/2011 at 7:16pm

Council Wants 90 Days to Review Seafarer’s

On Monday afternoon, the Town Council held a Special Meeting to respond to the county’s recent announcement that it plans to move forward with the demolition of the Seafarer’s Mall building. In a letter dated March 22nd, Commission Chairman Frank Mann stated the county’s intention is to discuss the issue at the Tourist Development Council meeting on April 8th and to make a final decision at the commission meeting on April 12th.

Before getting in to the Seafarer’s discussion, the council agreed to allow the Fort Myers Beach Fire District to use council chambers for their union negotiation sessions, scheduled for Friday, April 1st at 9am (District 3) and Tuesday, April 19th at 9am (District 15 and supervisors). Upon invitation from the council, the District already uses council chambers for their commission meetings and workshops.

Tomorrow Will Be a Fun-Filled Saturday! Delete 03/25/2011 at 3:03pm

Tomorrow Will Be a Fun-Filled Saturday!

From Bay Oaks Recreational Campus to the Beach Library to Newton Park, there’s fun for the whole family this weekend as our island community shows its spirit. The following is a list of all the activities so you can plan your day! When you’re done, go by Matanzas Restaurant where the Town of Fort Myers Beach is hosting the annual Cruiser Appreciation Party for those living ‘on the hook’ in our anchorage.


Councilman Seeks Input on Crosswalk Signs Delete 03/23/2011 at 2:34pm
New Crosswalk Signs

Councilman Seeks Input
on Crosswalk Signs

Anyone driving up and down the island in the last couple of weeks has likely noticed some new signs in several crosswalks on Estero Boulevard. The result of one councilman and one local businessman trying to solve a serious safety issue in our community, the signs are only there on the county's blessing, and the future of their existence – and whether or not we get more – is up to those who may or may not find them necessary.