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Warning added for Lee County waters Delete 06/17/2011 at 10:46am

Warning added for Lee County waters

Fort Myers, FL—The Lee County Health Department is adding to its Caloosahatchee River warning that all natural bodies of fresh untreated water where algae is present should be avoided by people, pets and livestock.

"With the continuing drought conditions,it is possible we will see algae blooms in other fresh water bodies within Lee County,” said Charles Walther, director of Environmental Engineering for the Health Department. "Many species of algae produce toxins and many do not. Without a detailed analysis of the type of algae present, it is impossible to tell if there are significant health effects from toxins in the water.”

Pier Upgrades to Begin in Late July Delete 06/14/2011 at 3:44pm

Soaring EaglePier Upgrades to Begin in Late July
Caption: Artist Marlin Miller has finished
transforming the old oak tree in front
of the Old Lee County Courthouse
into a soaring eagle

The Board of Lee County Commissioners thanked Naples artist Marlin Miller at their meeting Tuesday morning for completing his work transforming the old oak tree in front of the courthouse into a soaring eagle. Commissioners also agreed to enter into a construction manager agreement with Fowler Construction for the maintenance work on the Beach Pier. The upgrades, originally scheduled to begin in May, will now commence in late July and last until the end of December.

Caution recommended near river water Delete 06/07/2011 at 6:12pm
Caloosahatchee River Algae

Caution recommended near river water

Fort Myers, FL—The Lee County Health Department recommends the public be cautious before exposing themselves, pets or livestock to the Caloosahatchee River water for at least the next week.

A toxin produced by Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae, that can cause harm to fish, animals and people when swallowed has shown up in tests, said Chuck Walther, director of Environmental Engineering. It is also known to reduce oxygen levels as the bacterium decomposes resulting in fish kills.

Visioning Workshop This Week Delete 06/01/2011 at 5:45pm

Visioning Workshop This Week

The Town of Fort Myers Beach is beginning the process of evaluating the comprehensive plan as part of the Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) process. In an effort to reach as broad of an audience as possible, we would like to request your assistance in sharing this information with your friends, family, business associates and members of the public that reside or own property and/or businesses with the Town of Fort Myers Beach.

As part of the EAR process, the Town is seeking community input from residents, business owners, property owners, visitors and other stakeholders. A public input survey is available on the Town’s website at: