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Bay Oaks Delete 01/08/2014 at 2:53pm

Bay OaksResidents to Receive Free
Memberships to Bay Oaks

Monday night's meeting of the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach ended up being a positive one for islanders, as the council voted to give free memberships to Bay Oaks to all residents and granted the Friends of the Arts $25,000 for funding image-enhancing programs like the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival and Paint the Beach.

The meeting opened with newly-elected Kid Council members 'Mayor' John Sohner and Erica Halsey leading the pledge of allegiance and informing everyone that Beach Elementary's Christmas Program will be held on December 18th.

Firefighters Delete 11/21/2012 at 12:46am
Firefighters HoneredFirefighters Honored;
Commissioners Spar

Photo Caption: Walter & Betty McCollum are shown surrounded by the firefighters who saved Walter’s life in June 2012 after a cardiac arrest. From left FF Andres Vila, FF William Edge, FF Drew Herron, FF Peter Marrero, Lt Cheryl Bauchert and Lt Joel Guzman.

FMB Firefighter EMT William Edge and FF Paramedic Andres Vila were honored at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District Board of Commissioners by a grateful recipient of their EMS services in June 2012. Walter and Betty McCollom attended the meeting to present certificates to Edge, Vila and Iona-McGregor Firefighters Lt Paramedic Cheryl Bauchert, Lt Paramedic Joel Guzman, FF EMT Drew Herron and FF EMT Peter Marrero.

Local Election News Delete 11/07/2012 at 3:54pm

Local Election ResultsLocal Election Results

Voters went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots for a variety of national, state and local offices. Voters ran into long lines and balky ballot scanners as they tried to cast votes in Lee County precincts. At 7pm, both Island precincts still had long lines as poll workers assured voters that if they were in line at 7 when polls closed, they would be given the opportunity to vote. At 10pm, 35 Lee precincts still had lines, over 3 hours after polls closed according to NBC-2 News.

Beach Voters Delete 11/06/2012 at 6:32pm

Beach VotersBeach Voters Face Long Waits,
Scanner Breakdowns

After watching the long lines related to early voting last week, voters who gambled that lines would be shorter on Election Day headed to the polls today only to find even longer lines at their local precincts. Many voters waited in the rain to exercise their right to vote in this general election. Others left without voting citing their jobs didn’t allow them a half-day or more to wait in line to vote.