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Fraud Line Delete 02/16/2012 at 3:22pm

Fraud Line Callers Continues to Rise

The increase in the number of calls made to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in 2011 is beginning to show that callers are anxious to report frauds and scams; as well as eager to seek advice to avoid becoming a victim, and receive assistance from local law enforcement for themselves and their loved ones.

The fraud line received nearly 3,000 calls from citizens reporting incidents such as the sweepstakes/lottery scam, grandparent scam, mystery shopper scam, fake check scam, a multitude of on-line scams and many more. Members of the Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit spoke to thousands of Lee County residents educating them about the dangers of these scams, and the clever schemes con artists use to defraud millions of dollars from innocent victims all around the country. In addition, many one-on-one home visits took place with local seniors and their family members in an attempt to protect the assets and identity of the elderly victim.

Happy Birthday Uncle Pete Delete 02/14/2012 at 4:57pm

Come Wish 'Uncle Pete' a
Happy Birthday on Saturday

Peggy Lollo and the Lollo family (long-time business owners on Fort Myers Beach) are holding a birthday celebration for a much-loved family member at their restaurant, Pete's Time Out, in Times Square on Saturday, February 18th beginning at 1PM. Pete Piergiovanni is turning the wonderful milestone age of 90 years. Known to all as "Uncle Pete and Aunt Liz", Pete and Liz were instrumental in helping the Lollo family start their business many years ago. As a matter of fact, Peggy told us that, without Uncle Pete, there would be no Pete's Time Out!

Referendum Defeated Delete 02/01/2012 at 2:38pm

Referendum Defeated

The referendum on whether or not the Town should pursue bonds for up to $7 million for the purchase of a Town Hall was soundly defeated on Tuesday, with 40% of the registered voters on the island turning out to oppose it. According to the Lee Supervisor of Elections, the final tally – with 2,005 of the Town's 4,970 registered voters participating – was: 86.33 % or 1,731 against, and only 274, or 13.67% for the referendum. The only other election that saw close to a 40% turnout was the 2007 council election, where 39% of island voters voted in Larry Kiker over Garr Reynolds and Herb Acken over Pat Smith. That election, incidentally, also included the referendum to finance the Town's water utility - which passed by a 91.17% margin but included no price amount in the referendum language.

"I was glad to see the amount of people who turned out to vote,” said Mayor Larry Kiker. "We asked the question of what the residents wanted us to do with their tax money and it got answered. The council got a clear direction from folks that we need to concentrate on some areas to put the Town in position with the current lease as best we can. Hopefully we can look at something at a minimum of asking for the first right of refusal should the owners decide to sell.”