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Waterspout Delete 09/30/2012 at 3:28pm

Waterspout Damage at Nervous Nellie'sWaterspout Hits Nervous Nellie’s

Approximately 6pm Friday night, Nervous Nellie’s' reopening party was greeted by an apparent waterspout that touched down briefly sending restaurant patrons scurrying for inside cover. Remarkably, no injuries were reported, as the winds and heavy rains appeared very quickly from eastern Matanzas Bay.

Furniture, dishes, glassware were all picked up and hurled towards Snug Harbor Condos next door and down Old San Carlos Blvd. About a dozen new deck umbrellas were shredded by wind or became airborne missiles.

Mutiny on the Beach Update Delete 09/28/2012 at 3:56pm

Mutiny on the Beach Update!
Beach Takes Back the Pirate Festival
Schedule Announced

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL (Sept 28, 2012) – There has been a mutiny! Fort Myers Beach has told defunct Pirate Festival Promoter to walk the plank and beach businesses have struck an accord with Fort Myers Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Fort Myers Beach to take their festival back.

"Shipwreck was the originator of this Pirate Festival so we, along with the businesses on Fort Myers Beach, have taken it back and we are fully prepared to put on a great festival this year in spite of the bump in the road that we experienced earlier this week. We have rallied our shipmates on Myers Beach and the show will go on”, says Shipwreck owner John Richard.

Mutiny on the Beach Delete 09/26/2012 at 3:59pm

There be pirates! Argh!Mutiny on the Beach
Pirate Fest Scuttled-Locals Rescue Event

The promoters of Pirate Fest 2012 pulled out of the event at the last minute this week, notifying vendors and sponsors that the event was "postponed” to a date to be determined.

Wasting no time, local swashbuckling businesses swung aboard a sinking event and found a way to bring it safely into port.

The local effort to revive the event took shape within hours. Meeting Wednesday morning at the Yucatan, locals stepped up to make sure that Columbus Day weekend is all about pirates in Fort Myers Beach.

Mangrove Land Delete 09/20/2012 at 3:25pm

Solution Sought For Mangrove Land

Last week, the Sand Paper reported that Jim Jamieson, the owner of 6 and a half acres of mangrove covered property located between Mango and Chapel Streets, was planning to appeal to Town Council a decision by the Local Planning Agency to deny him the rights to build based on the fact that the land had been designated as wetlands. On Tuesday, Community Director Walter Fluegel informed us that Jamieson's attorney, Matt Uhle, has requested that the appeal be withdrawn while he works with Town staff on a solution to the problem that Fluegel hopes will result in the property being deeded to the Town so that it will never be developed.