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Beach Project Nears Completion

12/14/2011 at 6:30pm

Photo courtesy of Florida Dredge and DockBeach Project Nears Completion

The beach restoration or renourishment is in its final days. The work has reached Crescent Beach Family Park and sand placement is anticipated to be completed by Monday, December 19th.

The beach between Lynn Hall Park and Crescent Beach Family Park has been temporarily closed to pedestrian traffic due to a sea wall limiting the contractor’s maneuverability.

The 1.2 mile beach project began in May at Bowditch Point Park. A jetty or groin was placed at Bowditch Point Park to help deter sand erosion.

Tilling of the newly placed sand is required by regulatory agencies to mitigate sand compaction. Tilling operations are expected to be completed by Tuesday, December 20th. Plans call for beach raking to be done again in February.

The project will be completed with only two property owners not signing easements. One of them is within sight of the Pier and has generated a lot of interest. Without a signed easement, the contractors are unable to place sand on the property, so they work around it, causing a hole, often with water in it. It is expected that these low spots will likely fill in within 8-12 months.

The County will be conducting the last progress meeting on Monday, December 19th at the Pink Shell Beach Resort and Spa, Lido Room from 6:30 to 8:00pm. Topics to discuss will be the demobilization process and monitoring requirements.

Lee County is considering authorizing additional work to the Contractor for maintenance dredging Blind Pass. Work would not start until after Easter if approved.