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Neighbor to Neighbor
Its Time to Step Up.

Today I make a rare appearance in this space, not as the publisher of the Island Sand Paper or as the person in charge of the content (along with my business partner, the editor) of our publications, nor am I writing as your Advertising Guy today.

I am coming to you as a local small business owner and as a Fort Myers Beach resident. One of the reasons we chose to live here is the small town atmosphere. Like many of you, we have lived elsewhere, large and small cities and towns. One of the characteristics found in most small towns and definitely found here is the normal unrestrained, grassroots efforts of helping each other during times of emergency, disaster or just a garden variety of hard times. Im speaking neighbor to neighbor now about the impact of the Estero Boulevard Most have no argument about the need for our Estero Boulevard redevelopment project. Our sewer, fresh water and stormwater lines and road resurfacing are all long overdue for attention and needed for the next phase in the life of Fort Myers Beach for all visitors and locals. There is just no way possible to "keep it the way its been” as an approach to these infrastructure problems.


Who's Playing On The Beach

Issue-765's Top Story 8 hours ago

Captain Steve McDermetCaptain Steve McDermet
- A Pirate
s Life

During the 10th Annual Pirate Festival this weekend, pirate Captain Robert Flood will be defending our shores against the marauding invaders in two epic battles that will take place near the Town Fountain at 1:30pm. Captain Flood has been protecting our emerald isle for many years now, so this week we decided to parlay with him in his everyday persona as local fishing guide Captain Steve McDermet. We quickly found out that - even though the golden age of the Sweet Trade ended many years before he was born - Captain Steve is no landlubber. Indeed, the good captain’s history in our area runs as deep and thick as the saltwater coursing through his veins…

"My mother’s family first came to Charlotte Harbor in the 1870’s, so I’ve grown up on the local waters, fishing and boating,”McDermet, who is the husband of Pirate Festival Event Director Belinda Hadcock.
Charter Changes 3 hours ago
Anita CerecedaA Conversation About
the Charter Changes

On Wednesday night, Mayor Anita Cereceda held the second ‘open chat with residents’ at Town Hall, where everyone is welcome to talk about their concerns, though a specific topic is chosen for each event. For this meeting, the topic was the 22 recommended changes to the Town Charter that residents will vote on in the March 2016 election.

Tim Williams from Paradise Taxi and Local Motion said he was having issues with the traffic.

Beach Artist 4 hours ago

Susan Macintire with her artSusan Macintire - Beach Library
Artist of the Month

While Macintire has been painting with oils for the last decade, she says it’s only been the last five years that she has been"painting seriously”. In October, she was honored with being the featured artist of the month at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library, where her work is now displayed on the third floor. Susan Timmons Macintire is the artist focusing and currently working on a new way of expressing herself using a different medium than pastels and photography like most of her previous work. Macintire is working on pencil drawings, and she currently takes a pencil drawing class at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Road Work 2 weeks ago, 09/25/2015 at 8:20pm

Road WorkEstero Road Work Look Ahead
Week of September 28, 2015

Estero Boulevard waterline construction

Crews are installing water main on Estero Boulevard from Times Square to Red Coconut RV Park and TECO gas crews are installing a gas line. Due to the high volume of weekend travel on and off the island, crews are expected to work four long days on Mondays through Thursdays and one shortened day on Friday.This schedule may change due to underground conditions and inclement weather.

o Crew 1 - from Crescent Street to Carolina Avenue

· Crew 1 will work between Primo Drive and Avenue C crossing Estero Boulevard at Palermo Circle and the alley south of Yo Taco.The work requires crews to cut a trench across Estero Blvd to make water main connections. Motorists should expect traffic pattern changes and delays as crews cross the roadway in each location.

· Crew 1 will then install water main between Avenue C and Alva Drive

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