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The Peanut Gallery

Are you a member of the Peanut Gallery?

Not sure? Well heres a quiz to help you decide if you just might be a member of the Peanut Gallery:

  1. Do you have an opinion no matter how little you know about a subject? Local event or nuclear physics - doesn’t make any difference - you have an opinion and by crackey the rest of the world is entitled to it!

  2. Do you avoid every opportunity to contribute to any possible solution to a community problem? "Not me, I'm busy.”

  3. Have you NEVER run for office or sat on any community organization’s board? "That’s for patsies.”
Answer yes to any of these and you might be a member of the Peanut Gallery. Named for a theaters cheap seats, where peanuts were served and often thrown at performers, the term is now used to describe a group of people who offer frequent and abundant criticism.


Every one of us has the right to an opinion. The Freedom of Speech guaranteed by the Bill of Rights prohibits the government from curtailing that speech. The very existence of this newspaper is predicated on that Freedom, so we take it very seriously. Watch our letters page over the course of a year and youll see that we print just about every letter that arrives in our office, many of them expressing views that we certainly don't agree with. Some expressing views we cant quite figure out. And nobody from any branch of the government tells us what to print.
Who's Playing On The Beach

Issue-733's Top Story 6 days ago, 02/26/2015 at 5:21pm

Heather LodovicoCoach Lodovico Wins Golden Coconut

Last Friday, Beach Elementary School Coach Heather Lodovico was awarded the 19th Golden Coconut Award from the Beach Kids Foundation. The ceremony featured members of the Foundation, Principal Larry Wood, the school's tireless staff and the entire student body from the kindergarten through fifth-grade classes.

Linda Beasley and Fran Myers presented the award to Lodovico, who has been employed at the school since 2012. A native of Bristol, Connecticut, she has a Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University where she was on the Dean's List and was a Division 1 soccer player. She is currently working on her Master's Degree at the University of South Florida and on a music degree as well.
Mayor Cereceda 6 days ago, 02/26/2015 at 5:36pm
Anita CerecedaMayor Cereceda Shares Her Vision for Town

The only things most people will recognize from the old Top O’ Mast bar in Time Square are the outside walls and a section or two of wood ceiling. When Sunset Beach Tropical Grill and Playmore Tiki Bar opens, patrons will find a bright, tropical, open-air beach bar and restaurant that is thoroughly modern, from the gleaming white restrooms to the bar inlaid with tile in tropical colors to the expansive deck overlooking the pier and Gulf of Mexico.

The Playmore name is a nod to the history of the building, which began as a lunchroom for the Beach School before being moved to the Time Square location where it served as "The Playmore,” "The Beacon” and"Gulf Terrace” before becoming Top O’ Mast in 1974.

Hammond Stadium 6 days ago, 02/26/2015 at 5:30pm

Hammond StadiumNewly Renovated Hammond Stadium

Before last Sunday’s open house at the newly renovated Minnesota Twins Fort Myers Complex, now known as the CenturyLink Sports Complex and Hammond Stadium, I was able to see the results of a $48.5 million overhaul of the Stadium and entire complex during a media event on Thursday Feb. 19th.

It’s no exaggeration to say they hit this one "out of the park.” The 92-acre complex has been streamlined to give the park a "major league feel.” The Stadium capacity has been expanded from 8,000 to 9,300 seats while maintaining and even improving the seating space. While the field maintained its original dimensions (left field 330’, center field 405’, right field 330’), the concourses have expanded 17’-21’ to 45’-68’ with more trellis structure shade areas.

Town Council3 hours ago

Nervous NelliesCouncil Approves Shrimp Festival and
Nervous Nellies’ St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

At their meeting on Monday morning, the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach approved Nervous Nellies’ request for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration and agreed to send a letter to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) asking for a riparian rights setback waiver for the planned ‘Olde Seaport’ development.

During Public Comment, Joan Murano, an island resident, voiced her concerns about ‘comfort stations’ on beach accesses - something on the agenda for the afternoon workshop.

"Can the Town afford to pay for adequate staff to take care of these restrooms?” she said. "Can you foot the bill for cleanup and damage to people’s properties and compensate Gulf front residents for loss of property values? And finally, would you like to have a toilet in your backyard? I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly but the ultimate folly would be to place public restrooms in a residential area.”

Two more residents - one living on Dakota and the other on Hercules - spoke against the placing of comfort stations at beach accesses.


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