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Missy Layfield - Editor
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Memorial Day

As thoughts turn to the holiday weekend, we at the Sand Paper urge everyone to take time to remember the reason for Memorial Day, the fallen service members of our nation. The article below, provided by The American Legion, says it all so clearly, were sharing it with our readers today:

They each have stories to tell. The crosses at Normandy. The markers at Punchbowl. The tombs at Arlington. The fallen heroes who rest in places unknown.

From our founding Revolution to today’s Global War on Terrorism, nearly one million men and women in the Armed Forces have sacrificed their lives while defending America in time of war.

Once such American was Dale M. Hansen, a 19-year-old from Wisner, Nebraska. At five-foot-nine and 141 pounds, Private Hansen was far from the biggest Marine in his Reserve unit.

But he fought like a GIANT.

He landed on Okinawa with his unit on Easter, 1945. At a critical stage of action on May 7th, Private Hansen crawled to an exposed position, where he used a rocket launcher to destroy a strategically located enemy pillbox. After his weapon was destroyed by enemy fire, he seized a rifle and continued a one-man assault and opened fire on six Japanese soldiers, killing four before his rifle jammed.

He fought off the two remaining Japanese soldiers with the butt of his rifle, returned for cover, then advanced again with another weapon and some grenades. Private Hansen proceeded to destroy a strong mortar position and annihilate eight more enemy soldiers.
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Time To Pay Attention

As tempting as it is in mid-May to kick back, take a deep breath and unplug, Island residents need to stay tuned in because there is a lot happening on some pretty important fronts here on our Island these days.

Estero Blvd

Everyone knows about the Estero Blvd project. The first mile or so will be under construction beginning….well, we don’t know when. There’s a chance we may learn more at Monday’s Town Council Work Session when Commissioner Larry Kiker will speak to Council about the project.

The website ( that is purportedly the primary vehicle to keep Island residents informed of project updates has the latest news… as of December – more than 5 months ago. If the information flows like it has for the waterlines project, renters are out of luck, because notices go only to property owners. If you have an extremely conscientious landlord, they might notify you right away of important things like boil water orders or road closures. The rest of us remain in the dark.

Noise Ordinance

The Town has been kicking around a Noise Control Ordinance for months now. And it’s caused no small amount of angst, conflict and rumor. Well, it’s time to get serious and pay attention to what exactly is in this ordinance.

On Monday, Town Council will INTRODUCE the ordinance and set a date for an official PUBLIC HEARING. Want to know what’s in the ordinance? Read it for yourself. It’s on the Town’s website in the meeting agenda packet. Where, coincidentally, most of the background material for matters ...
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Island Kudos

The Sand Paper family is committed to sharing the good news about our Island community. We use this space every couple of months to focus on some of the good things happening and the numerous generous people who make our Island a better place to live, work and play. Kudos go out to…

The Beach Lions Club for a successful 57thAnnual Shrimp Festival featuring all our favorites – a parade, a Queen Pageant, tons of Gulf shrimp dinners and the Expo, plus a couple of new or revived traditions – a 5K run and a shrimp eating contest. A great weekend!

All the hard working volunteers that make the Shrimp Festival what it is. This page does not have room to name you all, but you know who you are and so do we!

The locals and visitors who have weighed in on the Sugar Land purchase, or non-purchase – letting our elected reps know that were out here and were watching their votes.

Everyone who picked up trash this season, on the beach, the street or your front yard, Its frustrating that we cant stop the people who drop it, but its good to know that working together we can keep our island looking good.

The concerned residents who have stepped forward to search for a workable solution to the noise question.

All the fresh market vendors and organizers. Its always sad to see the end of market season. See you all next fall!

The Fort Myers Beach Fire District for offering free safety training in CPR/AED ...
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By Islanders, For Islanders

We’re celebrating an anniversary this week. Five years ago, we bought The Island Sand Paper -- 5 years and 260 issues ago.

The last five years would not have been possible without the loyalty of our readers so they deserve a big Thank You. We must also send a big Thank You out to all who contribute with interview time, information requests and other story related support, so we can share accurate local stories with our readers. We appreciate your trust in allowing us to inform our readers, set the record straight and maybe even stop a rumor or two.

We also want to thank our advertisers. We are a free paper. Without advertisers, there would be no weekly Island Sand Paper, monthly Sand Life Magazine, website or mobile app. We know there are lots of options available for your advertising dollars and we appreciate our advertisers’ selecting us. We ask readers to support our advertisers, let businesses know what paper they read for Island news and encourage businesses to advertise in the Sand Paper. Those ads support your favorite Sand Paper content.

Our Sand Paper family makes this newspaper possible. Mark, Keri, Sandy, Don, Jim, Sarah and Mike – those whose smiling faces are to the right. It takes the efforts of each one of these hard-working people to get the Sand Paper from story ideas to finished product each week. The contributions of Rob, Jo, Tim, Janet, Tom and other writers add immeasurably to the value of the Sand Paper.

We have taken the opportunity once each year to talk about who we are and how we do business and our anniversary is a good time to do that.