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Missy Layfield - Editor
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Beach Business

Business here on Fort Myers Beach is great! Sure, it’s off-season and there are a few places closed for renovation, cleaning or vacation time, but overall business is great! We’re having the best off-season in years. Investment in the commercial and residential areas of the beach is booming!

You might not know that if you were to read a local daily with its doom and gloom stories on Fort Myers Beach business. This week, we read how four restaurants had recently closed on the beach!! Wonder how many closed in Lee County or Collier County. How many businesses open and close in downtown Fort Myers each year?

The business climate here on the beach is a unique and highly seasonal one. In order to succeed, any business must take that into account and be financially ready to weather a few slow seasons plus a few years of establishing themselves. Not all businesses are financially prepared to do that.

We have thousands of tourists and snowbirds that flock to our island during the peak season February-April, and thousands more who come in shoulder seasons October-January and May-June.

Summer is our slow season. We each have different ways of measuring when the slowest part of the year has arrived. For some it’s traffic, for others it’s seats at your favorite pub and for yet others it’s cars in hotel parking lots. But however you measure, if you are in business on Fort Myers Beach, you know the rhythms of the season and know that those rhythms affect your cash register. And plan for it. You learn how to manage expenses during the slow season, yet still provide the service that will keep customers coming back.

The sad fact is that some businesses don’t plan for it and are caught by surprise when the crowds thin out. Or their business plan did not take into account the challenges of doing business in a highly seasonal location. Or their plan included the unrealistic assumption that all they had to do was open their doors and they’d be full every night. And it’s not just Fort Myers Beach businesses-many businesses in Lee and Collier counties suffer and perish if they are not ready for the seasonal lows that come around every year, even in good off-season years.

This year many of us have been impressed with how busy the Island has stayed through June, July and into August.
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What is News?

What is news? What should be printed in the paper?

The answer to those two questions is different for each one of us. What one person sees as something the community should know is another’s invasion of privacy and no one else’s business.

When a person is wronged, they want the culprit, as they see it, named in bold letters in the newspaper. If accused themselves, they don’t think it should be in the paper at all.

Let’s take arrests. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office provides a list of persons arrested, the charge, their home address and the location of their arrest. Some community newspapers print that list every week. We do not. Primarily because fairness demands that if we’re going to report that someone was arrested, we should report the final disposition of the case, including if they were found innocent, if that is the case. To provide that level of fair coverage of arrests and follow-up would require more time and space and staff than our newspaper can provide.

So, while we understand that if a drunken driver hits you, you want their name in the paper, we’re not going to do that, because we can’t follow that case to its conclusion.

Also, from our interaction with the community, we hear that most of our readers aren’t interested in who got arrested for what last week.

We could list the calls we get on deadbeat tenants or bad landlords, or the neighbors who won’t stop playing their music too loud. We realize that this may be a huge issue for the affected parties; it isn’t for the vast majority of our readers.

There’s also a little issue of liability. Ours. If a situation is likely to involve a legal battle, we’re going to let the lawyers battle it out. Yours. Our job is not to allow one or the other party in a private legal matter to use the newspaper to publicly call out or shame someone. Not our job. If it’s a legal issue, hire a lawyer and go after them.

Readers are interested in knowing about crime activity on the beach, especially when it’s in their neighborhood. We’ve encouraged Islanders to utilize the crime mapping program on the LCSO website or via, where you can sign up for emailed reports on what crimes have been committed in any neighborhood you specify.
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On Wednesday, we mark 10 years since Hurricane Charley roared through Southwest Florida, leaving devastation, heartache and confusion. Over the past two issues, we’ve reflected on that experience, offering the perspective of those who lived through the storm and the aftermath here on our Island.

The storm was truly a seminal event in our island’s history, influencing many events that would follow – elections, jobs, decisions on whether to continue to live here and to some extent, how we live here in houses raised a dozen feet or more off our white sand. Island life surely did shift after Charley.

And our Islanders shifted right along with it, showing their resilience and determination to move forward and recover from Charley.

Our Sand Paper stories have captured the compassion and sharing of resources that were so evident right after the storm - how local businesses and individuals pulled together to help each other, to feed each other, to offer shelter to each other.

It’s at moments of crisis that the very best of human nature is on display and our human decency and kindness shine the brightest and our Island’s response to Charley was exceptional.

Ten years later is a good time to step back and take stock of how far we’ve come, both individually and as a community. Our Island learned from Charley. We have an active Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) that is the envy of many coastal communities. Our first responders, on and off the island, have a highly coordinated plan for pre-storm, storm and post-storm scenarios. Our town has a detailed Emergency Operations Plan. Most of all, we have a population of citizens who have seen firsthand the power of Charley’s glancing blow and are not interested in seeing firsthand what a direct hit by a slow moving storm with a serious storm surge would do. We’re safer just by recognizing the power of a hurricane.

Ten years later, we should be proud of how our Island responded to Charley.

Try Try Again

The Florida Legislature gathered in Tallahassee yesterday to begin a special session necessitated by the unconstitutional congressional district map they drew up and approved after the Fair District amendments. In July a judge ruled the maps violated the Florida Constitution, specifically the Fair District amendments passed in 2010.
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The Sand Paper family is committed to sharing the good news about our community. Every couple months, we use this space to focus on all the good things happening right here and the many great people who make our Island a better place to live, work and play. Kudos to…

The stalwart volunteers who work with God’s Table and CCMI at Chapel by the Sea to provide sustenance and services for those in need on our island, week in and week out.

Boy Scout Javier Ramirez on attaining Eagle Scout rank and to the Beach Kiwanis for their support of Javier in his efforts.

Royal Scoop Ice Cream for hosting a Give a Pint-Get a Pint blood drive and a benefit for Find A Home Give A Home.

The free lunch program for all kids under age 18 at Beach Elementary. The program ends today and has been feeding Island kids all summer long.

The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce for hosting a Business Expo bringing local businesses together to showcase their products and services.

Fish Tale Marina for hosting a National Marina Day celebration encouraging Islanders to enjoy boating and get out on the water! Also for keeping attention on the shoaling and navigation problems in Big Carlos Pass and coordinating community meetings to share information.

Lani Kai Resort for hosting their 9th Annual Blood and Marrow Drive. Every blood donor and marrow volunteer offers hope and life.

All the candidates who have qualified to run for local office and are willing to devote their time and energy to representing Island residents.

Participants in a Strategic Planning Session held in June for Town Council and advisory board members along with Town staff and interested residents. The all-day session focused on the town’s strengths and weaknesses and the development of vision and mission statements plus goals. It’s always a good idea to step back and look at the big picture every once in a while.

The Public Safety Committee for their continued focus on ways to keep residents and visitors safe on our island. A new flashing crosswalk beacon has been installed at Bay Beach Lane and their lightning detector suggestion will be getting some attention following the lightning death on our beach recently.