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Missy Layfield - Editor
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Welcome back to the Beach!

Our visitor season seems to be off to an early start and we want to be one of the first to let you know we are glad you’ve come back to spend some time in paradise with us!

Wonder what’s happened while you’ve been away?

The beach still beckons. In fact there’s quite a bit more of it on the north end than there was last spring. The Lee County beach restoration project should be completed by the end of 2011. Bowditch Point Park has a lovely wide beach now, be sure to take a look at it.

Estero Blvd, north of the bridge, is now complete, an efficient and beautiful Town project completed under budget! Enjoy the bike lanes all the way to Bowditch!

The county is currently paving the southern end of Estero. They’re doing it at night, but it’s causing some traffic snarls. Best to plan some extra time to get where you want to go for the next week or two. Then we’ll have a nicely repaved Estero Blvd from one end of our island to the other.

The Big Carlos pass bridge resurfacing is finished.

The talk you hear about the county "redoing” Estero is still in the future and will involve a lot more than paving. We’ll have sidewalks, bike lanes, and trolley pull-offs. Go take a look at Estero north of Times Square to get an idea of what it can look like.
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"The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to…

secret proceedings." —JFK

Recently Governor Rick Scott announced that Florida university faculty salaries are now posted on The website provides additional Florida salary as well as state contract and regulation information.

The website has been questioned as politically motivated by university faculty who claim it is a ploy to criticize faculty pay.

The site has also been dinged as self-promoting, offering only those records that push Scott’s agenda, like a list of high public pensions.

Open government advocates hail it as a step in the right direction for a governor who has struggled with the concept of open government and citizen information access. As someone who had never held public office, the shift from private business to open government has been a public and uphill struggle for Scott.

In August the St. Petersburg Times reported that Scott’s transition team deleted whole email accounts right after he took office. It is a violation of state law to destroy public records.

Chris Kise served as the public records advisor for the transition team. He claimed the deletion was an accident, the result of an oversight, part of a chaotic transition run mostly by out-of-state staff unfamiliar with Florida law.
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Truths that are inherently obvious to the common observer….

Telling someone to calm down never works.

Some people are addicted to strife and drama.

The farther you park from the door, the more likely it is to be raining when you come out.

The absolutely perfect response to any situation will occur to you 20 minutes later.

The line you get in at the store will immediately require a price check.

What goes around, comes around.

All fashion is recycled if you live long enough.

Ignoring those who want to argue annoys the hell out of them.

All that time spent learning the Palmer method of cursive writing seems wasted now.
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It’s that time again for us to recognize some of the Islanders whose efforts make our Island a better place for all of us. Kudos go out to…

Town Advisory Committee members, those stepping down after serving the Town and their fellow citizens as well as those people who have stepped up to serve for the first time. We all benefit from the time and effort they put into these committees.

Beach School PTO who helped our kids start their school year off in a fun way with a Beach Pool Party. They are an integral part of the school and provide many extras for our kids.

200+ Mound House volunteers who have helped the Mound House open exhibits and tours. There will be a Volunteer Open House on October 19-this is your chance to get involved in one of our islands most unique attractions.

The Beach’s locally based food pantries-those who run them and those who help stock them with their contributions. The Food Pantry of the New Church of SWFL, Choice Market at Beach Baptist and God’s Table at Chapel by the Sea are just a few examples.

Turtle Time volunteers. Turtle season is winding down this month. Each morning since May 1st, volunteers have combed our beaches to search for turtle nests so that they can be protected. They remind us of the precautions we should follow to protect these ancient mariners.