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Missy Layfield - Editor
03/28/2013 at 4:15pm Delete

Happy Easter

While Easter symbolizes rebirth and a fresh start for both religious and secular celebrations, finding a way to illustrate that here in the land of perpetual greenery and flowers can be difficult compared to northern climes where early Spring growth is just beginning, if they can find it under the snow that is. Maybe our return to warmer temperatures will help this weekend feel like spring. In any case, we wish a Happy Easter to all of our readers!

This time of year finds many of our visitors packing their bags to head back north. With the busy April calendar, we hope many of them are tempted to remain on the Beach for a few weeks longer. From Sand Bash beginning next Friday, April 5th to the Fort Myers Beach Film Fest on April 24th-28th and Taste of the Beach on April 28th, there are great reasons to stick around.We hope you do!

One of our visitors departing this weekend is the Privateer Lynx. First coming to our shores in January for what was to be a three-week visit, the Lynx Educational Foundation appreciated the island hospitality they found here and decided to make Fort Myers Beach their winter port returning to stay through the end of March. They sail now to St. Petersburg and West Palm Beach before heading north for this summer’s Great Lakes tour. Look for their return to our shores later this fall once hurricane season has passed.

Speaking of hurricane season, we know that seasonal property owners prepare their properties for hurricanes before they depart. We hope they also prepare their properties for Turtle Season. Turtle Season is May 1-October 31. Last year we had a record number of nests, though many were washed out by our tropical storms. Do your part now, before you leave, to help turtle nesting-if you have a property on or near the beach, make sure that you don’t have lights left on that can be seen from the beach. Remove any beach furniture. Want to know why we need to do these things? Check with