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Google Glass

09/09/2013 at 3:52pm

Google Glass at Doc FordsGoogle Glass Comes to Doc Fords

Doc Fords played host last Saturday to a unique marketing concept that is the very epitome of cutting edge. Called the 'Find Your Island' challenge, the event was a contest where six tech-savvy Facebookers and Tweeters won a free trip to Lee County because they agreed to test drive a fascinating new product and share the entire experience with their social network followers.

"This is all about being super-tech and media savvy,” said Visitors and Convention Bureau (VCB) Director Tammy Pigott. The VCB sponsored the event and promoted it on Facebook. Six 'Glass Explorers' who had never been to Southwest Florida before were chosen from over 6,000 entries and spent four days trekking around the county while wearing fancy new glasses that allowed them to upload videos and photos directly from their headgear.

"The product is called 'Google Glass' and it isn't commercially available yet,” Pigott explained. "The participants - all of whom had to have over 1,000 Facebook friends and could prove they blogged regularly - served as beta testers for Google while at the same time they were tweeting and Facebook posting about how much they enjoyed coming to the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel.”

The special glasses also allow the wearer to surf the Internet, which came in useful for the challenge hosted by Doc Fords.

"Our Sous Chef, John Rhose, explained to the Explorers how we make our popular Yucatan Tacos,” said Doc Fords Manager Kim McGonnel. "They then tasted the tacos and had to recreate them using the ingredients provided, some of which are used in the tacos and some are not. They got to use their Google Glasses to look up recipes on Google to help them.”

Meanwhile, the Explorers were continuously posting and tweeting about their experience. The group also went to Time Square to see one our awesome island sunsets, kayaked through Sanibel's Tarpon Bay, visited the Edison Ford Estates, flew on a parasail and went shelling on Cayo Costa.

"Each one of these people have thousands of followers, so for us to be able to do something like this is very cutting edge,” Pigott said. "What a great way to market our community!”

Keri Hendry Weeg