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Wind and Rain

08/28/2012 at 3:15pm

IsaacIsaac Sends Wind and Rain

Though hundreds of miles away, the outer bands of Isaac continued to affect Southwest Florida on Monday and Tuesday as tropical storm force winds churned up the normally placid Gulf of Mexico at Fort Myers Beach.

The combination of high astronomical tides, near a full moon, and storm surge, caused the Gulf to cover the beaches and sent Back Bay waters over seawalls around the island.

Islanders were under a mandatory evacuation issued Sunday morning that was rescinded Sunday evening. Many locals and visitors never left, trusting that the storm was moving away from the Southwest Florida coast.

Some brief power outages were reported on Monday evening on the island. The Pier and beaches saw a steady stream of traffic as residents and visitors unaccustomed to a turbulent Gulf came to the shore for a close-up view.

The Town of Fort Myers Beach cautions islanders and visitors to be careful on the beach. Their efforts to clean up tropical storm debris from the sandy beaches has been compromised by continued high winds and high tides.

"As we approach the Labor Day holiday weekend, we ask all islanders and visitors for their understanding and ask that you be cautious of possibly dangerous debris and conditions on our island until we have successfully completed our cleanup work.”

Missy Layfield