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We all seem to want what’s best for our neighborhood, community, state and country, though we often differ on the definition of what that is or how to go about obtaining it. Here on Estero Island we have a strong sense of community. We have a vision of what our Island should look and feel like. Any change is suspect.

Will it take something away from our Island community? Will it add to it? Will it harm someone? Will it help?

Island-dwellers can tend to be a little insular – focused just a little too narrowly on our 7-mile piece of sand and sometimes on just our own home, our own interests.

Well, what’s wrong with that? Well, it detracts from our sense of community.

If I only care about what happens to my house and my neighborhood then I care less and less about your neighborhood and our Island community.

For example: Public restrooms in public beach accesses.

This battle has been raging for years. Visitors and those who depend on them want a clean place for visitors to relieve themselves during a day at the beach. Property-owners next to those public accesses don’t want the mobile restrooms placed there. In fact, from the comments that Town Council and CRAB have received, it seems many property-owners don’t want anything in those public accesses. No bike racks, no benches, no drinking fountains, no showers, no nothing. The Lee County Tourist Development Council keeps giving the Town money for these mobile restrooms, apparently because they agree they are an important need of our large visitor population. Each time the subject is raised, a handful of beachfront property owners appear and make it clear what they don’t want. The Town keeps kicking the can down the road because neighboring property-owners don’t want them placed in "their” beach access.



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