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Issue 641

05/23/2013 at 5:04pm

Schools OutSchool's Out!

This week was a big one for the students at Beach Elementary School. Graduating 5th graders were treated to a trip to Busch Gardens and a ceremony to celebrate their leaving our little island school to begin the next chapter of their lives at middle schools on the mainland.

Accelerated Readers (AR) from Beach Elementary School enjoy a special lunch at Gulfshore Grill with Principal Wood and Mrs. Linda Gassner. The top readers of each grade are recognized each quarter.

On Monday morning, Mrs. Cribbs' kindergarteners rode the trolley to the Fort Myers Beach Post Office, where they were taught how to sort mail by the friendly Ms. Janice Bishop, learned how to buy a stamp and mail a letter, got to sit behind the wheel of a mail truck and even go to try their hand at designing a new stamp! Those designs are now on display at the post office.

Then there was fun in the sun enjoyed by all the students at the school. On Tuesday morning the Fort Myers Beach Fire Department played games with the kids all morning, including a hotly contested game of tug of war where five or six firefighters took on all the students in each grade, losing to all but one. "We beat the fifth graders!” crowed firefighter Troy Mesick after the contest. "That's the most important one!”

Finally, on the last day of school on Thursday, all the students got to party to their hearts content at the end of year carnival. Two waterslides, a bounce house and a ton of other games were set up in the school's big playground area. Just before everyone left for the summer, the fifth graders did one final walk around the school while the other students cheered them on and wished them well.

Congratulations to the graduating fifth graders. Now have fun, because summer is officially here!

Keri Hendry Weeg