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Local Election News

11/07/2012 at 3:54pm

Local Election ResultsLocal Election Results

Voters went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots for a variety of national, state and local offices. Voters ran into long lines and balky ballot scanners as they tried to cast votes in Lee County precincts. At 7pm, both Island precincts still had long lines as poll workers assured voters that if they were in line at 7 when polls closed, they would be given the opportunity to vote. At 10pm, 35 Lee precincts still had lines, over 3 hours after polls closed according to NBC-2 News.

In Fort Myers Beach Special Districts:

Beach Fire District

Seat 4: John Scanlon(I) over John Pohland and Bryan Raymond

Beach Library

Seat 5: Sallie Seabury (I) over Peter Reid

Seat 6: Lorrie Wolf (I) over Jim Stevens

Seat 7: Mary "Miffie" Greer over Bruce Butcher

Lee County race winners include:

County Commissioner

District 1: John Manning (I) over Gerard David, Jr.

District 2: Cecil Pendergrass over John W. Sawyer III and Neal Moore

District 3: Larry Kiker over Charlie Whitehead

District 5: Frank Mann (I) over Matt Miller

School Board

District 2: Jeanne Dozier (I) over Robert "Bob" Chilmonik

Lee Memorial Health System:

District 1: Steve Brown, Marilyn Stout over Frank Antos, Jr.

District 3: Sandy Cohen, David Collins over Kenneth Morris, Lewis Robinson and Bob "Smitty" Smith

District 5: Jessica Carter, Stephanie Meyer over Donald Brown, James Green and William Glover