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New Crosswalks

02/12/2013 at 6:19pm

County Begins Estero Work

The Lee County Department of Transportation has notified Town officials that crosswalk work on Estero Boulevard will begin this week. The Lee County contractor and DOT will be in town working on crosswalks for the next two weeks.

There will be concrete construction work on new crosswalks and crosswalk relocations recommended by the Town’s Safety Task Force and approved by Town Council.

Wednesday morning, residents can look for construction work at Palermo, followed by Miramar, Tropical Shores Way and Santini Plaza through this week. No lane closures are expected, according to Rob Phelan with the Lee County Department of Transportation.

Work on the new Laguna Shores crosswalk and the Holiday Inn crosswalk both involve drainage pipe installation and will impact existing sidewalks and be more involved.

Phelan assures Town residents that they are aware of traffic congestion on the island.

"We will be coordinating with (the contractor) closely during the work at these locations to minimize the impact to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”

County DOT crews will also be working on Estero Blvd. this Friday on existing crosswalk enhancements and the marking of side street crosswalks. As the construction crews finish, the county crews will remove the old crosswalk markings and install the new crosswalk markings and relocate the crosswalk signs.

At all times and especially during these efforts to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, Islanders are asked to exercise extreme caution when traveling on Fort Myers Beach. Pedestrians are urged to use crosswalks and wait for vehicles to stop before entering the roadway. Wear light colors or carry a flashlight at night to improve your visibility at night. Motorists are asked to watch for pedestrians and cyclists on the roadway. Stop for pedestrians and cyclist in crosswalks.

Be careful out there!

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