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Pier Upgrades to Begin in May

03/31/2011 at 3:19pm
Fort Myers Beach Pier
Pier Upgrades to Begin in May
Photo by James Royce

Last week, the Board of Lee County Commissioners approved staff's recommendation to hire Fowler Construction to give the Fort Myers Beach fishing pier a $1.2 million makeover.

"This is a continuation of a project that began last year with work being done on the pilings,” said Lee County Utilities' Patricia DiPiero. "They are going to change all the hardware to stainless steel, replace the handrails, fill in cracks on the decking, put in PVC pipes and replace the areas that folks use to cut bait on.”

DiPiero says that the project is just part of regular maintenance on the county-owned pier, something that is required regularly due to the pier's exposure.

"Considering the pier is in harsh elements - the sun, wind, saltwater - these are things that have to be done to be able to maintain the facilities for all of us to use," she explained.

The money will come from tourist bed tax money and reconstruction will happen in the first three weeks in May.

Keri Hendry