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Sewer Spill

10/08/2012 at 2:36pm

Estero BaySan Carlos Sewer Spill

Estero Bay was declared safe for swimming and fishing on Sunday after two days of normal test results following a sewage spill on San Carlos Island. Early Friday morning, 100,000 gallons of raw sewage from a broken 25 year old, 2-foot force main pipe spilled onto Main Street and into Estero Bay via a storm drain.

The spill caused Main Street to be closed between San Carlos Blvd and South St. for several hours. Lee County Utilities brought in septic trucks to transport the sewage until the break could be repaired late Friday evening.

Lee County immediately issued no swimming and no fishing advisories for the bay side of San Carlos Drive from the Coast Guard station to the end of the street until test results were returned. Water samples were tested on Friday and Saturday and results indicated normal background levels of fecal coliform, a bacteria found in animal and human feces. While the bacteria themselves are not considered harmful, their presence can indicate the presence of other disease-related bacteria.

As of Monday, the area of the spill had been cleared leaving only sandbag blocked storm drains as a reminder of the large spill.

Missy Layfield