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yesterday, 10/08/2015 at 8:35pm

Susan Macintire with her artSusan Macintire - Beach Library
Artist of the Month

While Macintire has been painting with oils for the last decade, she says it’s only been the last five years that she has been"painting seriously”. In October, she was honored with being the featured artist of the month at the Fort Myers Beach Public Library, where her work is now displayed on the third floor. Susan Timmons Macintire is the artist focusing and currently working on a new way of expressing herself using a different medium than pastels and photography like most of her previous work. Macintire is working on pencil drawings, and she currently takes a pencil drawing class at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs in Bonita Springs, Florida.

"Ive learned after taking lessons in New York that 98 percent is work and 2 percent is talent. Im talented in color. So I work very hard,” she said.

Color and lots of it can be found on Macintires paintings on the third floor of the library, where she says her paintings display her new techniques such as using a palette knife to add texture, something she says is her favorite. The technique helps her form her favored subjects of flowers, crustaceans, seascapes and landscapes. Even though the artist says she hasnt yet seen the artwork at the building, she is excited to have her work displayed inside for people and potential buyers to see.

Where does the Delaware native and a frequent Florida visitors inspiration come from? One person seems to stand out.

"My surroundings. My friends. And Georgia OKeeffe,” she said. "I am a fan of her. I visited her ranch. I spent a few times going to her museum in Santa Fe [New Mexico].”

The Georgia OKeeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been open since July 1997, where Macintire says she visits the museum once a year or once every other year. The artist has plans to go this year.

"I have a trip scheduled on November 18,” she said who will visit the museum and the ranch again.

In her spare time, Macintire has taught an adult course that focused on creating flower artwork that Macintire is good at making. For this upcoming year, the artist also has plans to teach children even though it is her first time this year teaching adults. Macintire even plays tennis and has a match on Oct. 20, but the artist says that painting is what she prefers.

"I want to make other people happy with my art,” she said.

Oscar Santiago Torres