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Town Hall 6 hours ago
Town HallTown Hall Renovations Underway

Many of our readers have noticed an increase of activity at Town Hall these days. For nearly a week, large construction dumpsters appeared out front and now workers can be seen moving busily in and out the front doors of the former Bank of America building that our local center of government has called home since the Town incorporated nearly 20 years ago. The reason? The front of the building, that has been vacant since the bank left, while all town offices have been in cramped spaces in the back, is finally being renovated to improve services to residents.

Little League 6 hours ago

Little LeagueLittle League Opening Day

Here on the beach, sometimes we are a little spoiled with the summer-like weather and we lose track of the seasons, but the start of the baseball season is a sure sign of spring. The Major League teams have gotten underway with their ceremonial first pitches of spring training and so have our own little league teams here in Fort Myers Beach.

The T-ballers got the 60th season of the Fort Myers Beach little league started off at 9am last Saturday morning. This week’s matchup was beach team versus beach team, and guess what…the beach team won. Coaches Chelsea O’Riley and Allison Whitehead directed the young ones in a fun game of t-ball as the beach teams went up against each other. T-ballers included Eyan Datil, Myles Turner, Sebastian Ramos, Gabriella Orlandini, Will Travis, Leonardo Ramus, Adam Lin, Brody Duffy and Malia Tipton, who seemed to be having a great time swinging away to knock the ball off of the tee and past the defenders.