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Craft Beer Fest 6 days ago, 03/26/2015 at 4:23pm

Craft Beer Fest2ndCraft Beer Festival
Comes to Bay Oaks Saturday

Craft beer aficionados, get ready! The First Annual Craft Beer Festival - held last November - was such a success that the folks at the Bay Oaks Recreation Campus (BORC) decided not to wait a whole year to have another one. This Saturday, March 28th, from 1-4pm, the beautiful oak shaded grounds of Bay Oaks will play host to another fun day of food, music and - of course - hand crafted fine beers by a number of local Southwest Florida breweries.

"Bay Oaks is welcoming back several returning breweries from the area to our growing outdoor festival,” said Parks and Recreation Director Randy Norton."These include Momentum Brewery, Lakeland Brewery, Point Ybel Brewing Company...

AquaGliding 6 days ago, 03/26/2015 at 4:21pm
AquaGlideAquaGliding at the Beach Pool

With the warm weather returning, we decided to venture over to the Beach Pool this week to check out what’s new, and were we surprised! Along with their famous waterslide, fun and funky kiddie pool and lap pool for swimmers, the friendly folks in the Town’s Park and Recreation Department have added a new feature that is becoming very popular - the AquaGlide.

Part trampoline, part jungle gym and part slide, the AquaGlide is an inflatable obstacle course that runs the entire length of the big pool, taking up one of the swimming lanes. Officially called the ‘Aquaglide Adventure Series Challenge Track’, it was the brainchild of Aquatics Supervisor Paul Rapp, according to Pool Supervisor Louis Monaco - who is gradually taking over Rapp’s role at Beach Pool.