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Shrimp Fleet 2 days ago, 07/04/2015 at 1:26pm

Shrimp BoatsShrimp Fleet Prepares
For Summer Season in Texas

While most people are celebrating the Fourth of July holiday this weekend, the hard working men and women that make up our local shrimp fleet are going to be busy gassing up, buying groceries and making final preparations for their annual migration to their summer fishing grounds off the coast of Freeport and Port Aransas, Texas, where the season for Texas brown shrimp opens in mid July.

For over 35 years, George and Chris Gala at Trico on San Carlos Island have overseen the catching, hauling and distribution of fresh caught Gulf pink shrimp, otherwise known as ‘Pink Gold’. Sitting in her office on Monday afternoon, we talked with her and several local shrimpers about the preparations being made and the latest hurdle facing this beleaguered industry – a 75% drop in the price of shrimp since last summer.

Marine Science Camp 2 days ago, 07/04/2015 at 1:25pm
Marine KidsMarine Science Camp –
Teaching Kids Our Island Ecology

The summer months offer parents an array of places to send their kids to camp. From trips to Disney World to sports to entertainment, our area has plenty of opportunities for young folks to have fun on long, hot summer days. One camp is unique, however, in that it is all about nature - at the Ostego Bay Foundation's Marine Science Center camp, kids not only have fun but also learn about our back bay ecosystem and all the critters than inhabit it. And the cool part is that kids progress through the different levels of the camp as they get older, expanding on their knowledge from the previous year and getting the chance to do bigger and more adventurous things.