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9/11 Memorial 1 week ago, 09/11/2014 at 5:12pm
9/11 Memorial Dedicated9/11 Memorial Dedicated

Some memories don’t fade. Their sharp edges still catch us unaware years later. For many Americans 9/11 is one of those sharp edges that continue to draw a strong emotional response, especially on September 11th, or as America will forever remember it, 9/11.

Thursday morning, September 11, 2014, the thirteenth anniversary of the unprecedented attack on American civilian targets, saw a solemn group of Islanders gathered at Fort Myers Beach Fire Station 33 on Lenell Road for the dedication ceremony of the 9/11 Memorial.

Rockin' Robin 1 week ago, 09/11/2014 at 5:07pm

Robin CurleyRobin Rocks the
Lighthouse this Saturday

Bored with the mid-September blues? No problem - there’s a party happening this Saturday that will rock like it’s the middle of season. ‘Rockin’ for Robin’, that is - the second benefit for local woman Robin Curley, who is suffering financial hardships during her battle with colon cancer. The festivities will take place at the Lighthouse Tiki Bar from noon-6pm, and organizer Mike ‘Popeye’ Dearden has a huge amount of goodies to be raffled or auctioned off, along with an amazing array of local musicians (plus a finalist from America’s Got Talent) who are generously donating their time to help make the event a success.