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Fish MongerNew Faces at
Local Businesses

A couple of weeks ago, the Sand Paper did a story on the local businesses that had made upgrades and renovations to prepare for the upcoming season. Well, there have been a lot more changes on the island this year - including new faces and new places - so this week we met with two new business owners - Tina Tomasino of Hurricane Tina's (formerly Wicked Wings) and Thom Marks and Shelly Morgan of the Fish Monger - to find out what brought them to our emerald shores and what exciting things they have planned for our visitors, locals and snowbirds.

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Halloween FrightHalloween is Coming!

Aaarg, matey, the pirates may have left our emerald shores but that doesn’t mean the October fun is over! Halloween is a time-honored tradition on Fort Myers Beach - with parties and events spanning three weekends. Maybe it’s the tropical breezes, or maybe it’s just the fact that living on an island makes folks want to act like kids again, but our little community goes all out for All Hallows Eve - and the Island Sand Paper has all the information on where to go to fully express your inner ghoul.

Trunk or Treat

For old-fashioned family fun, Beach Baptist is holding its 7th Annual Trunk or Treat October 31st from 6 to 9 pm in the church parking lot, facing Estero Boulevard.

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Getting Ready For SeasonGetting Ready For Season

With season nearly upon us, the Sand Paper wanted to take the time to recognize a few of those local businesses who have been making renovations and changes to ensure our returning snowbirds and tourists feel welcomed and have nice places to enjoy. The Smokin’ Oyster Brewery, Skye's Mexican, the Fish Monger and Matanzas Inn Resort are all either in the process of or have completed upgrades this summer, so this week we decided to go check them out.

Smokin’ Oyster Brewery

After expanding their deck area last season, popular Key West-style eatery SOB's now has a roof over that deck and brighter paint, which gives it the illusion of a much bigger restaurant though in reality the square footage has remained the same.

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Anita CerecedaCatching Up With Anita Cereceda

Trying to catch up with the mayor of Fort Myers Beach is not impossible… just look for a flurry of people, or listen for wind-chimes of laughter, or feel the pulse of the air filled with the voices of folks earnestly looking for solutions to complex community issues, and somewhere in the middle, you will probably find Anita Cereceda.

Anita was the town’s first mayor after incorporation nineteen years ago and last March successfully won a seat on the council for another go-round and, again, was chosen mayor by her fellow council members. We asked if she would talk about her motivations then and now for seeking public office, and describe how the experiences compare to one another.