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Island Hopper SongfestIsland Hopper Song Fest

You’ve probably seen ads and promotions about the first Annual Island Hopper Song Fest, an exciting series of events taking place on Sanibel/Captiva September 26th - 28th, and on Fort Myers Beach October 2nd - 5th. The festival is being presented by BMI, the largest music rights organization in the country, along with iHeartRadio, and Cat Country 107.1

Bringing nationally acclaimed singer-songwriters, and offering dozens of free performances at a variety of local venues, the festival will have something for artists and audiences alike, especially those who love country and Americana music. On one hand, it gives tunesmiths a chance to play their music with exposure to a new audience and, for those who won the local songwriting contest, an opportunity to meet people already connected and successful in the songwriting business. Too, those among us who just love to listen to troubadours sing their hearts out, these performances will be up close and personal. Aficionados can go to all the events on all three islands, but for those of us who live and work here on the Beach, a drive over ‘the Bridge’ is not necessary.

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Evelyn WicksEvelyn Wicks Retires

Some people move through life with great fanfare - every achievement trumpeted from the tallest mountain, every move documented, always seeming to be the center of attention. But it is often the ones who slip by quietly who actually accomplish the most - the simple fact they do their job and do it well keeping them out of the limelight. One such person is Town Financial Director Evelyn Wicks - who, during her eight-year tenure being in charge of the Town's purse strings, has managed to avoid the many different controversies that have swirled through Town Hall over the years by doing what she was hired to do - manage the Town's budget. What many may not know is that over the years she has won multiple awards for her financial finesse along with earning the unending respect of her co-workers and bosses. On the eve of her retirement next week, we decided to interview this very reluctant and unsung hero to find out more about her and where she's headed once she leaves our emerald shores.

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CanalIslanders Want
to Clean Up Canals

From time to time our readers have asked us about the status of the canals on the island and if they have ever been dredged. The answer to that question is no - unless the property owners along a particular canal or canals have agreed to tax themselves to pay for it. We met with Dave Parilla - a Realtor and a canal front property owner on Santos Road - this week, and he told us that he has watched his canal slowly deteriorate over the years and that he believes the condition of his and many other canals on the island are adversely affecting property values.

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Chef Tim HenkelChefs of the Beach-Tim Henkel
Charley’s Boat House Grill

The restaurant business is not for the faint of heart.According to an article on the website citing a study done at Cornell University and Michigan State University, "After the first year 27% of restaurant startups failed; after three years, 50% of those restaurants were no longer in business; and after five years 60% had gone south. At the end of ten years, 70% of the restaurants that had opened for business a decade before had failed.”

It is impressive to find a restaurant that has been in business for more than a decade or two. It is even more impressive to find an eatery that has been under the same ownership and management for the duration.