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DB MeterSound of Music Stirs Debate

In May, the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach will hold a public hearing on a controversial new noise ordinance that was created to take the place of the current one, deemed unenforceable by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. The discussions on what should be included in the ordinance language has brought to the surface some long simmering issues between local businesses and residents who have different ideas of what constitutes noise.

After Nervous Nellie’s was forced to stop having amplified outdoor music after an unenforced resolution from 2003 was discovered, local musicians joined the fray fearing that their livelihoods are in jeopardy. This week, we spoke with some of those musicians, the creator of a Facebook page called 'Save the Music' that is serving as their sounding board and to some members of Town Council to see what their opinions are on the matter.

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Town HallA 'Tour' of Town Hall

On Monday morning before the Town Council meeting, Mayor Anita Cereceda invited the local press to a special tour to see and hear about the renovations that are rapidly progressing at Town Hall.

Cereceda was joined on our tour by Town Manager Don Stilwell and Public Works Director Scott Baker, who explained that the improvements being made are the first ones since the Town incorporated nearly 20 years ago.

"We are still using the furniture that was donated to us two decades ago,” Cereceda said. "And people are still crammed into tiny spaces when they come to city hall to do business - it's been very inefficient and frustrating, so this change has been a long time coming.”

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For BirdersA Different Kind Of Snowbird

Our little island has long been known as a vacation destination because of our white sand beaches, breathtaking sunsets and water-based fun. But in the last few years, Fort Myers Beach has been attracting a different kind of tourist - 'birders' - who literally flock to the Critical Wildlife Area (CWA) at the south end of the island. With bird nesting season officially starting this week, we decided to check in with Town Environmental Science Coordinator, aka 'The Birdman', to find out what types of feathered friends will be joining us this year and why it's critical that folks not allow their dogs and kids to chase them down the beach.

"We've been working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and we already have four snowy plover nests and at least four least terns have arrived who we expect will nest within the next two or three weeks.”

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Beach National BankBeach National Bank -
Memories of a Bygone Era

With all the excitement surrounding the renovation of the new Town Hall at 2523 Estero Boulevard, how many folks remember that building was first constructed in 1968 to become the home of our little island's first bank? Hearkening back to the days when hometown banks were really part of the community - hosting bake sales and contributing to Little League and civic projects - the Beach National Bank opened its doors in February of 1969 in a ground floor building that differs little from what currently exists on the corner of Tropical Shores and Estero Boulevard.

"I was going through some stuff the other day, and I found this ledger where someone had compiled all the clippings and press releases from the first bank that existed in that building,” long-time islander AJ Bassett told us last Friday.