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Film Fest 20148th Annual Fort Myers Beach
Film Festival Opens

One of the island's most exciting events takes place this week: Estero Boulevard will be lined with stars for six days beginning on Tuesday, April 22 as the 8th Annual Fort Myers Beach Film Festival comes to town. The hard-working organizers and volunteers responsible for this wonderful event that gets bigger every year have scheduled all kinds of fun things. From Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday to the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, with two workshops, a free beach film and over 25 original and independent film showings in between, there will truly be something for everyone.

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Don StilwellTown Hall Turnover

Those who watch Town Hall closely have noted some missing faces in the last few months. Since September 2013, 7 employees have left Town Hall for various reasons. That number does not include Parks and Recreation or Maintenance workers as they can see a seasonal turnover. The fact that several of them held key positions is what led us to look into the recent turnover at Town Hall and ask council members and Interim Town Manager Don Stilwell how quickly things are going to get done now and if/when the open positions will be filled.

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Sunset CelebrationCelebrating the Sunset
Fort Myers Beach Style

Those who haven't been down to Time Square lately are missing out on one of the island's best kept secrets. The weekend Sunset Celebrations that began in December of 2011 as a way to attract people to the businesses there have evolved into Fort Myers Beach's own unique way to observe the end of the day, as folks come from miles around to draw up a chair, listen to some great music and enjoy each other's company during the balmy tropical sunset.

"This all started back in the summer of 2011, when we had a bunch of characters in the Square who didn't contribute a whole lot to business," said Pete's Time Out owner John Lallo, one of the original organizers of the celebrations who continues to work hard each weekend, booking all the bands and tearing down the tent each Friday and Saturday night when the performers are done.

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Fiona FinnFiona Finn: An Ordinary Housewife
with an Extraordinary Story

We are a world fixated on appearances and physical trappings. When author Fiona Finn walks into a room - attractive blonde, 5’10” tall with legs up to here - the assumption might be that she has it all. ‘What a lucky woman’, one might think. Think again. Fiona is a cancer survivor, and in her latest book ‘Raw - One Woman’s Journey Through Love, Loss and Cancer’, Finn shares intimate, funny and devastating stories that she hopes will help other women who might find themselves in similar dire straits.

Fiona had it all - the love of her life, her three children, a successful real estate business, the house, the cars, private school for the kids. "My ex and I had built our business with his mom. ‘Spouses Selling Houses’ was our tagline. ...