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Santini Aerial ViewKiker and Durrett Get Response
From Commissioners on Estero Safety

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker and Fish-Tale Marina owner Al Durrett – accompanied by Town Manager Terry Stewart - gave a presentation at the Board of Lee Commissioner's weekly meeting on Tuesday morning, citing the two recent deaths on Estero Boulevard and asking the Board to implement a program to ensure the safety of pedestrians on the island.

The Commissioners began the meeting by reading a proclamation marking May 13th 2012 as Lee County's 125th anniversary (the county was carved from Monroe County on May 13th, 1887 and named after Robert E. Lee) and declared all of 2012 to be part of Lee's 125th birthday celebration.

Kiker and Durrett, accompanied by Town Manager Terry Stewart, then made their case for a safety program.

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Larry Kiker awarded a very surprised Ceel SpuhlerA Most Deserving Lady

"All I do is volunteer…” Ceel Spuhler

At Monday night's council meeting, Mayor Larry Kiker awarded a very surprised Ceel Spuhler the Town's top honor for its residents – the Mayor's Special Award for Citizens of Distinction. Spuhler, an unassuming dedicated volunteer who prefers to 'fly under the radar', was tricked into coming to the podium by Kiker, who asked her to deliver an update on Mound House visitation. With a large group of her fellow volunteers looking on – most of whom were in on the secret – Kiker refused to allow Ceel to return to her seat by asking her questions about her volunteer work before inviting the rest of the council to help him give her the award, whereupon an astonished Ceel nearly fainted in surprise as Town Hall erupted in applause.

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Director Patti EvansParks & Rec Benefits

Town Parks and Recreation Director Patti Evans was the guest speaker at the Estero Island Historic Society's final meeting of the season, where she told everyone about the exciting things planned for Bay Oaks, the Mound House and the Newton Property. A $445,000 grant for refurbishing the interior of the Mound House has made it onto the state's budget and now awaits the governor's signature.

"I was fortunate to grow up four hours from here in Deland, and I was lucky to have both sets of grandparents who instilled in me a love of history," Evans began. "My career has allowed me to go all over the US, and if I know someone from somewhere else who might help us, I won't hesitate to look them up."

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Shrimp Festival Parade54th Lions Club Shrimp Festival
Rules This Weekend

For those of you wondering why the island seems particularly crazy this weekend, that's because it's time for the biggest event of the year here on Fort Myers Beach – the Lion's Club Annual Shrimp Festival. This is the 54th year that those hardworking Lions have thrown this shindig to celebrate everything that's shrimp. The following is a summation of everything that's happening this weekend. Read further to find out more about the long and storied history of this island tradition!