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Paint The BeachArt is In the Air
at the 2013 Paint the Beach

The island will be awash in art next week as the Fort Myers Beach Art Association's 4th Annual 'Paint the Beach - from Sandcastles to Shrimpboats' begins on November 5th. From Tuesday through Thursday, 60 artists from all over the world will set up at various locations all over Fort Myers Beach and Estero Island, creating beautiful images ‘en Plein Air' - meaning 'in open air'. This is the first year that the event has seen so many artists sign up to participate that there is actually a waiting list in case someone drops out.

The event begins on Monday evening, when many of the artists will gather to pick up their goody bags chock full of things like gift certificates and coupons provided by local businesses and friends.

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Remodeled SOB'sA Busy Season is in the Air

Even though traffic is still flowing freely, all up and down the beach there is a definite buzz in the air. Like the calm before the storm, visitors and residents alike can sense, hidden in the soft breeze, a quiet crackling of energy, of something building. As Halloween costumes are donned there is an awareness that soon, very soon, Estero Boulevard will be filled with cars and our island will play host once again to our northern friends and season will be upon us. Many businesses have spent the last couple of months preparing for this by sprucing up their shops and updating their menus - kind of the beach version of spring cleaning - so this week we decided to check out what a few have been doing to prepare for what many hope to be a very busy season.

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Dirty WaterCounty Natural Resources Director Ottolini
Weighs in on Water Issues

Even though the afternoon rains have stopped and it seems like the dry season is finally upon us, freshwater laden with nutrient pollution continues to pour into our estuary, causing salinity levels to remain below the lethal level for seagrass and oyster beds and wreaking havoc with the eco-system. Last week, the US Army Corps of Engineers announced that it was lowering the amount of water released from the Franklin Lock to 3,000cfs (cubic feet per second) but scientists are saying that is still too much.

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Dolphin / Gator Alliance"Dolphin/Gator Alliance"- the Beginning
of a Beautiful Friendship

Dolphins and alligators are not two critters one would normally expect to find hanging out together, nor would one expect students from a distant high school to be caught dead palling around with a bunch of elementary school kids on the beach. But folks in our quirky little community often define themselves by their unwillingness to do things the same old, boring way and Beach Elementary Principal Larry Wood just happens to be one of those folks. On Tuesday, October 22nd, something will happen on our island that has never occurred during Wood's 42-year career - 18 kids from the Island Coast High School 'Gators' in northwestern Lee County will take a bus to the Beach Elementary 'Dolphins' to collaborate with 5th grade students on a project to learn first-hand about our water quality.