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Scoop with Father RaneyDeacon Kiesel Passes at 93
(picture of Scoop with Father Raney)

In what most will say was the fitting end to a man who once was a fisherman and who became, literally, a 'fisher of men', Deacon Charles 'Scoop' Kiesel left this earth on Christmas night. For those who may not know, Scoop, during his 93 years that we were graced with his company, was an icon on this island - beginning with the fact that he and his family helped give birth to our local shrimping industry and ending with his enormous impact on Christians and non-Christians alike...

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Mary TatarianIsland Neighbor: Mary Tatarian
'Beach Bum', Author, and So Much More

Visitors to Mary Tatarian's website will see the quote, "Old Beach Bums never die, they just write books”. While we certainly wouldn't call her 'old', we can attest that this long-time islander is a lot more than just a beach bum! Many of our readers no doubt remember the vivacious woman at the helm of Pirate Pete's - the only video store on the island at the time, and many beach kids (myself included) have fond memories of playing video games there while gazing at all the movie stars on the walls. Since closing Pirate Pete's doors in 2005 after 20 years in business, Mary has become an accomplished author -

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Corinne BatistaHoney in the Hood

Some folks seem to know almost as soon as they come out of the womb what they want to do in life. They set their paths, make their goals and rarely waver as they march into the future. For most of us, however, the exact opposite is true as life's path twists and turns, each experience opening into another. Such is the case with Corinne Batista, a 35-year beach resident who parlayed the successful raising of three daughters into successfully raising bees - bees who in turn provide her with her income in the form of the honey she sells at farmer's markets throughout the season. What does she think of the new business she literally started only one year ago? Well, it's the bee's knees, of course!

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QR Code TourBecause History Matters:
Self-Guided Historic Island Tours

When you stop to admire the sweeping elevation of the Matanzas Pass Bridge, you see the brilliant turquoise paint that adorns it, and boats sailing serenely on sparkling waters beneath its arch. What you can’t see are the ghosts of bridges past: the original structures that once joined Fort Myers Beach to San Carlos Island.

Now, thanks to the Estero Island Historic Society (EIHS), you can view those vanished åwere part of our barrier island’s earlier days. A new self-guided walking or bike tour is available to visitors and residents alike through the Footprints in Time Historic island Tour.