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Issue 650 Delete 07/25/2013 at 3:28pm

Spirit of 45Keeping the Spirit of ’45 Alive

America’s Greatest Generation will be celebrated and honored Sunday, August 11th, at two local events as part of Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive national campaign. "Spirit of ’45 Day” is now observed in hundreds of communities around the country on the second Sunday of August, in recognition of the anniversary of August 14, 1945, the day President Harry S Truman announced the end of World War II. On Fort Myers Beach, Junkanoo’s is hosting dinner for WWII veterans and their guests at 4:30 p.m. The ceremonies honoring veterans will begin at 6pm.

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Life On A HookLife On A Hook-A Different Perspective

To a boater it looks like the water moving in and out of Matanzas Pass with each tide flows just to give an endless amount of marine life a chance to grab a hold on a defenseless hull and never let loose again. Barnacles, snails, brine shrimp, all sort of algae turn a boat‘s bottom into an upside down habitat. In a few days they form a thin cover, within a few weeks a thick layer that slows down the boat and makes rowing hard. Every now and than I am forced to beach the tender, take the engine off and flip the inflatable for a cleanup.

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A Seahorse DreamA Seahorse Dream

It's always a pleasure to listen to someone speak passionately about helping others. In our town, one can have this experience on any given day, as we are a community of givers. We are always finding creative and fun ways to contribute to good causes, with many of us concentrating our efforts in support of local needs. If you know or have children in Southwest Florida, then you have probably donated time, money or goods to those organizations that serve them specifically, and there are many.

There is one effort that could arguably benefit just about any child in this and several neighboring counties...

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SailingA Life on the Sea

At one time or another, many of our readers have likely stared at a photo of some deserted isle or mountaintop and thought, "I could do that – I could just take off and work on a ship or in a nature preserve for a year or two”. Then reality inevitably sets in, the boss calls, and the thought returns to the status of an unattainable dream. But for some folks, that thought doesn't go away and they find themselves, little by little, making changes in their lives until one day that dream becomes their reality. Such is the case with thirty-seven year old Hinnerk Weiler, a journalist from Germany who one day decided he wanted to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.