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Issue 677 Delete 01/30/2014 at 4:11pm

Don StilwellStilwell Settles Into Manager Role

At this Monday's council meeting, Don Stilwell will likely accept an agreement to become the new Interim Town Manager of Fort Myers Beach. Many of our readers are likely somewhat familiar with Stilwell as he served a long tenure as the manager of Lee County (1993-2009), and he was in the midst of a run for county commissioner when news of Terry Stewart's pending departure reached him so he decided to put in for the opportunity to serve the residents of Fort Myers Beach. What many folks probably don't know about Stilwell is that he was once a fighter pilot, that he actually began his lengthy career in public service working for the private sector, and that he and his wife hold traditional dinners every Sunday for their extended family of 17.

Issue 676 Delete 01/23/2014 at 4:47pm

Dan WalshIsland Neighbors A Creative,
Giving Spirit: Dan Walsh

Many wonderful and talented people grace our island community of Fort Myers Beach. Some have long histories here; some pass through briefly; while others get so hooked on the beauty and the friendly vibe that they return year after year. A few who suddenly appear on our shores shine so brightly and share so much of themselves that they captivate everyone who crosses their path.

Dan Walsh is one of these special people. He first showed up to visit friends at the Red Coconut RV Resort just one year ago, and already he enjoys a wide circle of friends and admirers there, and beyond.

Issue 675 Delete 01/16/2014 at 4:11pm

Terry StewartStewart Steps Down

At a special meeting on Wednesday afternoon, the Fort Myers Beach Town Council agreed to accept a request from Town Manager Terry Stewart that he be terminated without cause. Despite the controversy surrounding his departure, after the motion was made Stewart gave a speech in which he graciously thanked the council for allowing him to serve, and quietly left council chambers for the last time as his supporters applauded.

Mayor Alan Mandel opened the meeting by explaining that Councilman Bob Raymond was out of town and could not attend. All remaining council members were present.

Issue 674 Delete 01/09/2014 at 6:08pm

Bruce Cermak at Turkey Testicle FestivalCermak Receives Petro Award

In a surprise tribute to one of our island's most beloved citizens, the Greater Fort Myers Beach Area Chamber of Commerce honored Surf Club owner Bruce Cermak with their highest award - The 'Petro' Award, established last year in memory of Chamber founder D.J. 'Petro' Petrocelli, for Fort Myers Beach residents who 'exemplify what the beach is all about'. The award was given to Cermak at the Chamber's Annual Meeting at Charley's Boat House on Thursday afternoon.

"Last year the Chamber began a program to honor the beach spirit of caring and selflessness,” said Chamber President Bud Nocera.