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Fiona FinnFiona Finn: An Ordinary Housewife
with an Extraordinary Story

We are a world fixated on appearances and physical trappings. When author Fiona Finn walks into a room - attractive blonde, 5’10” tall with legs up to here - the assumption might be that she has it all. ‘What a lucky woman’, one might think. Think again. Fiona is a cancer survivor, and in her latest book ‘Raw - One Woman’s Journey Through Love, Loss and Cancer’, Finn shares intimate, funny and devastating stories that she hopes will help other women who might find themselves in similar dire straits.

Fiona had it all - the love of her life, her three children, a successful real estate business, the house, the cars, private school for the kids. "My ex and I had built our business with his mom. ‘Spouses Selling Houses’ was our tagline. ...

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Dr. Doug RenfroeIsland Neighbors: Doug Renfroe
Conductor, Vocalist and Much More

Doug Renfroe has been conducting the choir at the Beach United Methodist Church for six years. But that’s like saying Steve Jobs worked on computers for a while, or that Henry Ford spent some time working on cars - there’s just so much more to the story.

Dr. Renfroe has an impressive resume that, all by itself, reveals a lifetime of achievements. Of course, natural talent is a gift, and surely Doug was born with music in his soul. But talent alone does not necessarily translate into critical or popular success - years of study, hours and hours of practice, dedication to his craft, perseverance and, what Doug describes as ‘fortunate decisions’ along the way have led him to concert stages around the world, where he has garnered popular and critical acclaim all of his life.

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Thanks for VotingChange Comes to Town Hall

The face of Town Council is about to change. Despite a rather anemic turnout of just 1,386 voters or 26.99% of registered voters, last Tuesday's election made history for the 18-year-old Town of Fort Myers Beach as voters elected three women - Anita Cereceda, Rexann Hosafros and Summer Stockton – to seats on the dais. Prior to this week, only three women - Terry Cain, Cereceda and outgoing Councilwoman Jo List - have served on council since incorporation in 1995. And that wasn't the only record set - Stockton,30, has become the youngest person ever elected to Town Hall. After allowing them to catch their breath for a few hours, we sat down with the new council members-elect on Wednesday morning to find out how they felt about their victories and what Town issues they planned on tackling first.

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Shrimp Festival Parade56th Annual Shrimp Festival Weekend

The Fort Myers Beach Lions Shrimp Festival takes over the Beach this weekend, March 8-9 and the Beach Lions have been working hard to make this year's 56th Annual Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival the best one yet!Here’s what’s on tap…


The Shrimp Festival Parade will be Saturday, March 8th beginning at 10am. This is the largest Island parade of the year! Prizes are awarded in a number of categories! The route is about 1.25 miles in length, beginning at School Street and ending at the Matanzas Bridge near Lynn Hall Memorial Park where all the Shrimp Festival fun will be located.