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Issue-698 Delete 06/28/2014 at 6:25pm

House on PalermoTown Settles With Orlandini for $250K
Five Palermo Properties Okay
for Development

At a special meeting on Friday morning, the Town Council of Fort Myers Beach voted 4-1 to accept a settlement agreement that they hope resolves the controversial elevated pool setback issue.

The terms of the agreement call for Developer Joe Orlandini to remove the existing elevated deck at 301 Palermo Circle at his cost after he obtains a demo permit from the Town. In addition, the owners of that property and the other properties involved in the litigation, 551, 455, 263 and 221 Palermo, are each entitled to build a single family home and accessory buildings on their properties, provided that no accessory structure be built within 25 feet of the seawall if its height is over 42 inches.

Issue-697 Delete 06/19/2014 at 3:12pm

FireworksBoom Goes the Beach!

By far the biggest event on our island in the sleepy summer months is the Fourth of July parade and fireworks. Now Town-run for the second year in a row, these events really showcase small-town community spirit as they involve the hard work of many individuals who toil tirelessly during a time of year when many folks take advantage of the off-season downtime to go on much-needed vacations. And the payoff is great - people flock to Fort Myers Beach from several counties and beyond because what better place is there to watch fireworks then from a beach? And this year's event will feature something new - a hot dog eating contest!

The fun starts with the Fourth of July Parade, which will begin at the Beach Library at 10am and head down Estero Boulevard to Time Square.

Issue-696 Delete 06/12/2014 at 3:17pm

PopeyePopeyePalooza V Almost Here!

What has become one of the island's favorite traditions returns to the beach next weekend, as Popeyepalooza V will be held at the Beach Pub on Sunday, June 22nd beginning at noon. This locally loved annual event benefits the Fort Myers Beach Soccer Club, and host and founder Michael 'Popeye' Deardon says he thinks this year will be the biggest event yet.

"I'm so excited about my new partnership with Beach Pub owners Lou Caleca and Tim Miller,” he said. "We've got a great lineup of musicians, and our headliner - Jeremy White - is the coach of the soccer league this year.”

Popeyepalooza V will feature White, Tommy Van Oyen, John Hyatt and Timmy Johnston of 10,000 Views and the John Allender Band. In addition to the delicious BBQ that will be offered for donations, folks can also participate in a silent auction, corn hole tournament, 50/50 and door prize raffles.

Issue-695 Delete 06/05/2014 at 3:54pm

God's TableGod’s Table Joins CCMI

Since 2001, volunteers from every church on the island have donated time, money, food, clothing and expertise at God’s Table, an ecumenical outreach program serving those in need among us.

About three years into the program, there was a ripple of dissent among some islanders who felt the program was attracting indigents, addicts and alcoholics to the town who would not otherwise have come here, and a few expressed fear and anger about some of the ‘clients’ who had wandered into the neighborhoods abutting the facility where the services are rendered - Chapel by the Sea. But with a bit of extra attention from the Sheriff’s Department, the reality that mishaps were the exception and not the rule, and an overwhelming flood of support for the program, the naysayers fell silent, and the program has soldiered on.