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FMB Fire District Chief Darren WhiteIsland Neighbor - Darren White
FMB Fire District Chief

When any sort of disaster arises, like the fatal lightning strike on our beach this week, we count on our emergency services people to come to the rescue, to do what can be done. What sort of person chooses to be the one who first arrives on the scene, who makes life-and-death decisions in a moment, who, when it is necessary, calms and comforts total strangers during what, for some, is possibly the worst moment of their lives? Fort Myers Beach Fire District Chief Darren White is such a person.

Born and raised in Miami, Darren White was a happy-go-lucky kid. His parents and neighbors often got together in his backyard on the weekends, to celebrate a special day, or just to unwind after the workweek, and all their kids would come with them.

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AlgenolAlgenol - Fuel From the Sun

The last time we visited Algenol at their ribbon cutting ceremony in October of 2010, the facility consisted of three buildings containing their labs and research and development center. Today, the company's location off of Alico Road boasts six buildings with more than 90,000 square feet housing 127 employees, and stands poised to move into commercial development of its revolutionary biofuel - meaning that Floridians may be able to fill up their vehicles with algae-based gasoline by early 2016. This represents the fulfillment of a dream by visionary CEO Paul Woods, who plans to announce the location of Algenol's 452-job manufacturing plant by the end of 2014. The bad news for Lee County, however, is that Woods may build that plant somewhere else in south Florida after being wrongfully accused earlier this year of breaking his contract with the Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC).

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Searching for Sea StarsSowing the Seeds of
Future Conservationists

Many of our local kids attend a camp of some sort this time of year. From trips to Disney World to sports to entertainment, our area has plenty of opportunities for young folks to have fun on the long, hot summer days. One camp is unique, however, in that it is all about nature - at the Ostego Bay Foundation's Marine Science Center camp, kids not only have fun but also learn about our back bay ecosystem and all the critters than inhabit it. This week we decided to follow the youngest group of campers at the Center - the Sea Stars - to 'fish out' what it's all about.

Ostego Bay campers are divided into three groups based on age, with each group meeting for a week from 9am-4pm at the Marine Science Center on San Carlos Island.

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Welcome Reverand SteveBeach Neighbors: Welcome Rev. Steve!

With its steeply sloping white roof soaring proudly above the boulevard, The Chapel by the Sea Presbyterian Church is home to the ecumenical ministry God’s Table, where islanders of every religious persuasion volunteer their time and expertise to those in need. But beyond that, it is a church where folks come in on Sundays, as they do at all of our churches, looking for some hope, some light, some way of approaching the ins and outs of the human condition. The pastor plays a pivotal role in helping his or her flock make the connection between earthly concerns and the spiritual plain, mainly through the delivery of a sermon - connecting the dots between Scripture and day-to-day life.

For about a year and a half, the Pastor Nominating Committee at Chapel has been searching for a new minister. In the beginning of this quest, they received about 90 applications from all over the country, from ministers looking for a new flock to lead.