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09/30/2012 at 3:28pm

Waterspout Damage at Nervous Nellie'sWaterspout Hits Nervous Nellie’s

Approximately 6pm Friday night, Nervous Nellie’s' reopening party was greeted by an apparent waterspout that touched down briefly sending restaurant patrons scurrying for inside cover. Remarkably, no injuries were reported, as the winds and heavy rains appeared very quickly from eastern Matanzas Bay.

Furniture, dishes, glassware were all picked up and hurled towards Snug Harbor Condos next door and down Old San Carlos Blvd. About a dozen new deck umbrellas were shredded by wind or became airborne missiles.

"Chairs were tumbling in the air heading west-about 4-5 feet off the ground" according to Rob Degennaro, owner.

One local returned an umbrella found later in Times Square that came from the Ugly Deck, the 2nd story bar and deck at the restaurant. "I've never seen anything come up so fast. One minute it was just overcast, and the next minute it hit. This was quite a reopening after our being closed for nearly a month of remodeling! We had a packed house, and we're just thankful there were no injuries,” said Degennaro.

Bob Layfield

Photo provided by Nervous Nellie’s